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Fords in Four: Meet Michael Bradley '79

In Fords in Four, we ask an alumnus four questions; he shares insights and stories. In this blog post, university professor and sports writer Michael Bradley '79 recounts how his career in journalism started in The Index and shares how he remains passionate about his work.

The Art of Building Proofs

Geometry teacher Sam Walters recently finished a textbook (co-written with former faculty member Zack Murtha), based upon a research project he completed with the University of Delaware to examine how students best learn the art of building proofs. Here, we interview Walters about the experience and what he's learned.

Experiential Learning: Intellectual Curiosity Day

Upper School students recently embarked on the inaugural Intellectual Curiosity Day - no grades, no homework, just experiential learning. In this blog post, Upper School history teacher Amanda Vos Strache discusses the planning process and shares takeaways from a day when students and faculty engaged in interdisciplinary lessons both on and off campus.

Woodworking for Valley Forge

In this blog post, woodworking teacher Rob Wisniewski details the hand-tool woodworking techniques of early America that he put to use to create a historical reproduction of President Washington's candle box. The candle box – both the original and the reproduction – is part of the Valley Forge National Historic Park's collection.

The Boy Behind the Mask

The Haverford School Consulting Psychologist Michael Reichert and Upper School Counselor Janet Heed presented "The Boy Behind the Mask" as part of the Best for Boys speaker series. Supported by current research of boys' development and their own experience as educators and mental health professionals, Reichert and Heed advocated for a new framework for understanding and supporting boys.

Fords in Four: Meet John Sawin '03

In Fords in Four, we ask an alumnus four questions; he shares insights and stories. In this blog post, wealth advisor and amateur golfer John Sawin '03 shares what he learned in Haverford classrooms and on the Fords golf team, and gives his advice to current students on building relationships and embracing change.

Ingenuity and Collaboration: Second Grade Simple Machine Challenge

In this blog post, Lower School science teacher Bill Palmer explains a collaborative project with The Agnes Irwin School (AIS), in which our second-graders worked with students at our sister school to design and build a functional compound machine that could deliver a Lego figure into a container.

Setting foot in Abu Dhabi

In this blog post, Associate Director of College Counseling Heather Stinson reflects on how college visits influence her work, with a particular focus on a recent trip to New York University's Abu Dhabi campus.

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