Preparing Boys for Life.

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The type of man I want to be one day

The Class of 1996 Rafael Laserna Award for Outstanding Teaching is selected by students from those nominated by the senior class. This award goes to the "teacher who has a lasting influence on his or her students and who inspires them to learn and to excel in the classroom and in life." In this blog post, Sam Lindner '18 shares his remarks from Commencement on this year's Laserna Award winner, Luqman Kolade. 

Questions for Men

Upper School Spanish teacher and Human Relationships teacher Carmen Epstein reflects on privilege and gratitude as she shares a recent dance piece: Questions for Men. In this dance, Haverford students express the responses of men in the Haverford community through movement. Read on for Epstein’s reflection and a video of Questions for Men.

Faculty Reflections on Puerto Rico

Since 2010, Middle School faculty and Form II boys have traveled to Puerto Rico for a four-day trip,including touring the cities of La Parguera and Fajardo and engaging in community service at a local school or orphanage. In this blog post, Middle School teachers Jenn Hallman (theater), Kerry Kettering-Goens (Spanish), and Ryan Meyer (math) reflect on the trip and important lessons learned by the boys. 

Coding, Cryptography, and War

History Department Chair Hannah B. Turlish and Upper School math teacher Katharine Hudson collaborated on a lesson about computer coding and World War II. Boys were given several encrypted messages that they had to decipher. In this blog post, Turlish reflects on how the lesson both introduced them to the skills of code-breaking and enriched their study of this historical period. 

Fords in Four: Meet Frank Bove '69

In Fords in Four, we ask an alumnus four questions; he provides insight and stories. In this blog post, Frank Bove '69 traces how an independent project in his senior year influenced him to pursue his work as an advocate for environmental justice as a senior epidemiologist for the CDC.  

Contagious curiosity in the study of infectious disease

In this blog post, Upper School science teacher Daniel Goduti shares the background and skills learned in his VI Form science elective, Global Impacts of Infectious Disease. Along with studying life in the biological science-focused course, students also become equipped with the knowledge, tools, and desire to participate in the global community – preparing them for the world that they will soon inherit.

Hephaestus Society: celebrating greatness

Named after the Greek god of the forge, Hephaestus Society recognizes those who toil in relative obscurity to create greatness. Recently, Haverford inducted 2018 society members for their commitment to the intellectual life of the School through active participation in select clubs and activities. The guest speaker was George Tseteskos P’20, Dean Emeritus and the Francis Professor of Finance Drexel University. He shares his remarks in this blog post.

Igniting the spark with Socratic seminars

IV Form Modern World History students recently performed a Socratic Seminar on freedom and revolution. The exercise, named after the Greek philosopher Socrates, assigns students different roles in the discussion and is designed to drive new ideas. In this blog post, Upper School history teacher Brendon Jobs talks about the role these seminars played in sparking thought and engagement among the students in his class. 

Fords in Four: Meet Nathan Raab '96

In Fords in Four, we ask an alumnus four questions; he provides insight and stories. In this blog post, Nathan Raab '96 talks about his work preserving historical artifacts with the Raab Collection, and his enduring lessons from Haverford.