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Why I Give

Why do you give to The Haverford Fund?

My experience at Haverford created the foundation for my personal, educational, and professional success. Without a scholarship, this experience would not have been possible for me. I am indebted to Haverford and the generous donors that created this opportunity. I always pledged to pay it forward when I was both personally and financially capable and am motivated to keep this pledge so that others can have the same amazing opportunity.

—Ravi Reddy '90

Ravi Reddy Alum The Haverford School
The Haverford School for boys parent spotlight

We want to give back to the School in return for what it has given our family. The boys are getting an excellent education from truly talented teachers who are guided by caring and knowledgeable administrative leaders. The School is also always striving to improve an already superlative institution. We want to help ensure this tradition of excellence continues.

—Genie Logue P’22 ’24

We support the Haverford Fund because the benefits to our son of a Haverford education are invaluable. The costs, however, are easily calculable, and are not covered by tuition alone. In a world of declining standards — educational, social, and behavioral —Haverford offers a superior educational alternative, which both supports and enhances the academic and moral values, as well as the code of conduct, we wish to instill in our son and in our family. The Haverford teachers and staff become parents’ partners in raising boys with a commitment to honesty, integrity, dignity, and self-reliance.

—Beth Zemble and Philip Rosenzweig P’25