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Hear what Board Chairman Bill Yoh '89, P'18 '24, and current students have to say about our virtues and how they prepare boys for life.

"Character. It's about decision-making. Values. Doing what is right. Leading by example. Serving others. The Golden Rule. The Platinum Rule. Whatever concepts come to mind for you, character is at the heart of everything we stand for - and are proud of - as an institution."
- William C. Yoh '89, P'18 '24, Board of Trustees Chairman


The Haverford School respect

"Haverford has taught me that respect is the balance between compassion and admiration – be it respecting each other, or the communities in which we live."
- Will, Form VI

"Respect is about being kind to others, and valuing the thoughts, opinions, and feelings of everyone in your life."
- Stephen, Form I

"To me, respect means treating people the way you want to be treated and considering others’ feelings. I have learned to act respectfully even in the heat of the moment, like a big game."
- Gavin, fifth grade


Integrity The Haverford School

"My experience at Haverford has helped me develop a strong moral compass. I have learned the value of taking responsibility for my actions, in the classroom and on Sabol Field."
- Ryan, Form IV

"Haverford has taught me the importance of integrity. I have learned to stand up for what is right and always tell the truth."
- Jack, Form II

"The Lower School teachers always remind us to be kind and honest. My classmates and I own up to our mistakes even when it is difficult and there are consequences."
- Nathan, fifth grade


Courage at The Haverford School

"I’ve become more courageous because my teachers and coaches encourage me to attempt new pursuits even though they are outside of my comfort zone. I learned a lot about courage during our Rite of Passage field trip at the end of Form II."
- Jack, III Former

"I raced in my first swim meet when I was 6 years old. I didn’t think I would be able to swim across the pool without a kick-board. I was scared, but I dove in and made it to the other side. I become more courageous every year because my teachers believe in me and tell me that it’s okay to be afraid sometimes. I just have to try."
- Ronan, sixth grade

"At Haverford, I have the courage to stand up for what I think is right even when it’s hard. I try my best to set a good example and help others follow the rules. I can make a difference."
- Grayson, first grade


The Haverford School core virtue honesty

"Haverford has taught me that honesty is an integral part of a person's character. Honesty and integrity in academics and athletics define what it is to be a Haverford student."
- Sam, IV Former

"Haverford has taught me that if you want others to be honest with you, you have to be honest with them. Being honest with yourself and others is the only way that you can truly be yourself."
- Kieran, II Former

"Honesty is a very important virtue for life. Without honesty you won't be successful in your future, life, and career because nobody will trust your word. Also, being dishonest can lead to bad karma!"

- Gavin, fourth grade


The Haverford Fun Compassion Virtue

"Simple, daily acts of compassion and kindness are character traits that can have a powerful impact in our lives. Our teachers model this behavior by being caring and supportive, and the brotherhood that exists among my classmates fosters the desire to help one another and those in the world around us."
- Tommy, V Former

"Haverford has taught me compassion since pre-kindergarten when teachers told me to step into the shoes of my classmates to understand how they feel. At Haverford, I have learned to be my brother's keeper, always looking out for my peers, and if it's a rainy day for a classmate, I will be their umbrella."
- Zach, I Former

"Compassion is when someone gets hurt on the playground and you stop and ask him if he's OK. In kindergarten, I fell on the concrete and scraped my knee. My friend, Charlie, helped me up and then told a teacher. It made me feel like he is a good friend."
- Topher, second grade

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