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PA Tax Credit

Estimate your contribution and benefit

To estimate your gift through the PA Tax Credit Programs, as well as the state credit and federal deduction you could receive, enter your taxable income in Pennsylvania and your filing status below. If the minimum yearly donation is more than $5,000 you are eligible to enroll in the program.

Adjust the yearly donation amount, to see what the actual cost to you will be after the credits and deductions have been applied.

Please note, this is for information purposes, and Haverford recommends consulting your tax professional if interested in the PA State Tax Credit Programs

Taxable Income in Pennsylvania

PA State Tax Liability
Federal Tax Liability

Yearly Donation (2 Year Commitment Required)

There is a minimum contribution amount of $5,000 to enroll in the program, and based on your PA State Tax Liability, your maximum donation amount is less than $5,000.
Haverford Receives
PA State Tax Credit
Federal Tax Deduction
Actual Cost to You $467


Matt Nierenberg

Capital Gifts Officer