Preparing Boys for Life

The Path Forward

The Haverford School Strategic Vision The Path Forward

Five years ago, a team of dedicated Haverford School alumni, board members, teachers, and administrators created the Strategic Vision that has guided the work and the growth of this great institution ever since. Throughout the 2014-15 school year, an equally dedicated and talented group has looked hard at what they gave us. Grateful for their efforts, we have reaffirmed the thrust of their work, while choosing to emphasize our greatest aspiration for the School that we love: to focus more intentionally on our role as leaders in educating boys to become men of strong character who are solid citizens of Philadelphia, of our great nation, and of the world they will soon lead. This focus rests on the foundation of an academically rigorous institution where extraordinary educators prepare remarkable boys for life.

All of the great work we do at The Haverford School is possible only because of the generosity of generations of our graduates and their families, who value what they learned here and who have given their work, their wisdom, and their wealth to provide similar opportunities to future generations of boys. We literally walk in the shade of oak trees that were planted by men and women who would never benefit personally from their labors, but who derived great satisfaction from knowing that they had given back to a place that had given them so much. We are forever grateful.

If you’re interested in learning more about the transformational work that happens every day at The Haverford School, please give us a call or pay us a visit. With your involvement and support, we hope to continue preparing boys for life for many generations to come.

Go Fords!

William C. Yoh ’89, P’18 ’24
Chairman, Board of Trustees

John A. Nagl, D.Phil. P’20
Ninth Headmaster