Preparing Boys for Life

Remarkable Boys

Remarkable boys are the heart of The Haverford School. We aim to identify, enroll, retain, and most importantly, develop talented students who embrace our core values and demonstrate strong character, citizenship, leadership, intellectual prowess, and emotional intelligence. Ensuring access to Haverford for remarkable boys from a variety of cultural, geographic, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds enriches our School community, inspires our faculty and staff, and contributes to our mission of preparing boys for life.


  • Complete a marketing communications plan to strengthen The Haverford School brand and its position as a leader in educating boys
  • Review the School’s admissions process, in light of current market data, local competition, and targeted enrollment outcomes, to ensure that it is efficient, personable, and effective
  • Support a tuition assistance program designed to enroll the most talented, mission-appropriate students
  • Seek alternative approaches to traditional tuition assistance to help remove financial need as an obstacle to enrollment and full participation in school life
  • Explore new and innovative ways to expand the admissions applicant pool at all grade levels
  • Protect and encourage a growth mindset in every boy


  • Reinstituted the Marketing Task Force as a driver of the School’s strategic initiatives, including an integrated marketing communications plan
  • Created the Financial Sustainability Task Force to establish tuition and tuition assistance increase policies, as well as a tuition remission policy for faculty and staff retention
  • Increased support of faculty, programs, and tuition assistance through endowment funding and the Haverford Scholars Fund
  • Achieved strongest retention, yield, enrollment, and market share among the Association of Delaware Valley Independent Schools (ADVIS) from 2010-15
  • Strengthened character education programs through intentional service opportunities and continued work in the areas of relational teaching, encouraging risk-taking, and nurturing areas of growth to ensure a well-rounded boy
  • Expanded faculty Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity (SEED) training and added a parent SEED program to underscore the value of a diverse community
  • Expanded mentoring across the divisions, including the Upper School Honor Council’s outreach to and education of Middle and Lower School boys

The Path Forward

  • Engage in market research to gain data and insight that will inform strategic decision making as well as programmatic decisions
  • Decrease tuition dependency by endowing tuition assistance and scholarships
  • Under the leadership of the Marketing Task Force and in alignment with the Strategic Vision: 2010-2020 and marketing communications plan, implement a tactical action plan to accomplish institutional goals and objectives
  • Promote a collaborative environment that encourages families to share the School’s core virtues and commitment to transformational rather than transactional experiences
The Haverford School Remarkable Boys

My observations as a parent and an educator have illustrated how significantly differently boys and girls learn, develop, and interact. Haverford knows and understands how boys learn, and the caring faculty work to implement these best practices into their classroom environment, their dynamic curricula, and the community at large. As parents, Chris and I have found Haverford to be a trusted partner in the important work of helping to raise our two boys. Lauren Sullivan P’22 ’23