Preparing Boys for Life

Leaders in Educating Boys

The Haverford School strives to be a world leader in educating boys. A primary goal is to develop our students’ core values, character, and leadership skills through the intentional application of our Honor Code and Principles of Community. Haverford’s Walk of Virtues colonnade, which recognizes and celebrates 24 timeless virtues, is a permanent symbol of the School’s commitment to core values and character development.

The enhancement of current programs and the prospect of continued professional research are required in maintaining Haverford’s position as a leader in educating boys. Our curriculum must continue to employ best practices for boys, with a focus on developing intellectual curiosity and strong character. Our faculty must continue to be masters at understanding the essentials of teaching boys and be capable of delivering these best practices to their students.

The Haverford School Strategic Vision Leaders in Educating Boys

At Haverford there is total commitment to motivating boys, teaching boys, reaching boys, and helping them achieve their full potential. Today, The Haverford School is above all a caring environment that is deeply thoughtful about developing the whole boy: emotionally, intellectually, and physically. Branton H. Henderson III ’74, P’12 ’14 ’18