Preparing Boys for Life

Extraordinary Educators

Our goal is to attract, develop, and retain faculty and staff with the vision, ability, compassion, and commitment to inspire and deliver The Haverford School’s challenging educational program. Teachers possess the flexibility to respond to the needs of our students as they prepare to live and work in an increasingly interconnected and complex world. Guided by new discoveries about the brain and learning, faculty are prepared to adjust and develop their instructional strategies. They model a growth mindset through their use of research, experience, and evaluation that informs not only what they teach but also how they teach. Our faculty seek out and employ best practices in order to further the mission of The Haverford School learning community.

Our extraordinary educators prepare students to be future-ready in a supportive learning environment intentionally designed to bring out the best in each boy. They understand a boy’s need for structure and positive feedback and how to leverage his competitive spirit in a constructive way. Boys learn best through sensory experiences, which are carefully crafted to fully engage boys in their learning. They thrive under a relational teaching method, in which teachers, coaches, and mentors develop meaningful relationships with their students.

The Haverford School Strategic Vision Extraordinary Educators

My teachers were the biggest drivers of my development and fostered an immense sense of intellectual curiosity. At Haverford, the goal was to become a lifelong learner. I understood how to synthesize information and how to engage in intellectual debates – not just on classroom subjects, but on issues of morality and law. Jeffrey Fu-Jen Lee ’95