Preparing Boys for Life

Strategic Vision

Progress and the Path Forward

Dear Haverford School Community,

Five years ago, the leaders of The Haverford School developed A Strategic Vision: 2010-2020 to guide the School through its 14th decade. Now halfway through that span, we should thank them for their foresight and wisdom, which have helped the past five years stand as some of the finest in Haverford School history.

In the spirit that led our predecessors to look to the future, we have assessed our progress against the Strategic Vision and planned the path forward for the next five years.

Our work has led us to reaffirm much of the Strategic Vision created by our predecessors. In particular, we must continue to ensure that extraordinary educators teach truly remarkable boys the principles that have been the foundation of a Haverford School education for decades. The price of a quality education continues to rise, and therefore the financial sustainability of our current business model is coming under increasing pressure.

We have a comparative advantage in Philadelphia: we are not just the best boys’ school, but the best school for boys. We must remain a leader in the art and science of educating boys – not just in math and science and English but, as importantly, in the attributes of character and citizenship that mark good men. And we must have truly world-class facilities in which to conduct the business of building these men – a task within our reach as we look toward the 15th decade of preparing boys for life.

Progress and the Path Forward encapsulates the headway we have made over the past five years. It also provides a road map for the future, with planned improvements that will continue to make The Haverford School the best school for boys in Philadelphia. The School’s increased focus on character development will serve as the foundation of everything we do at Haverford – in the classroom, the weight room, the art studio, and on stage. Our job as parents, educators, coaches, and mentors is to build responsible men of good character who will take care of each other and our world, and we will re-evaluate everything we do through that lens as we work to build the leaders our nation needs in this challenging but promising century.

As always, your thoughts and suggestions are much appreciated. This is a working document that will benefit from your continued attention; please explore these pages to learn more and submit feedback at any time. A great school is a team effort; with your help and care, the best days of The Haverford School are ahead of us!

William C. Yoh ’89, P’18 ’24
Chairman, Board of Trustees

John A. Nagl, D.Phil. P’20
Ninth Headmaster

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