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Exploring human relationships...together
Matt Green, Head of Upper School

The conference, held on Friday, Oct. 21 at St. Paul School's in Baltimore, was co-sponsored by the International Boys' Schools Coalition and the National Coalition of Girls' Schools. It was an opportunity for school leaders to explore the strategies, opportunities, and challenges of forming a coordinate education program between all-boys and all-girls schools.

Carmen, Bill, and I enjoyed hearing from keynote speaker Dr. Cheryl Holcomb-McCoy, Dean of American University's School of Education, and learning more from the students and educators who shared their experience developing academic partnerships between single-gender schools.

Our chief purpose, however, was to present our own coordinated program, Human Relationships Seminar. Entitled "Exploring Human Relationships...Together," our session was summarized as follows: Single-sex classrooms can invite honest discussion that may not surface in a coed setting, but some topics are enriched by the presence of a wide variety of voices. Such is the case in Human Relationships Seminar, where boys and girls from three single-gender schools explore a range of topics, including personal identity, gender roles and equity, romantic love, and friendship.

We enjoyed sharing with our counterparts from other single-gender schools the evolution of the offering, the challenges we encountered, and the successes we have enjoyed. We were grateful for the very positive feedback, as well as the constructive feedback, of those in attendance. The highlight of our presentation, undoubtedly, was the short video of student interviews. As we all know, there are no better ambassadors for our schools than our kids.

A Haverford School student discusses commercials during the Human Relationships Seminar:

An Upper School student reflects on lessons learned in the Seminar:

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