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Book drive for Africa
Justin Wamah

Growing up as a kid, I always wanted to know where my parents were from. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to find out. My parents lived in the Rock Hill community of Monrovia, Liberia, in Africa. They are from a country where jobs are scarce and education is even worse. A country where children as well as their parents survive by cracking rocks to sell to those who want to build. A country where there are no textbooks for school, and no libraries across the country.

My father's brother, who still lives there, noticed the condition of education in his community, and decided recently to start a school. This school includes children from kindergarten to grade 12. My uncle has been buying used books for his school. He asked me if I had any books that I could give him. I told him that unfortunately, I had none, but would try and find some.

I talked to Ms. Nelson, the Middle School Dean of Students, and asked her if she had any old textbooks that she could offer. Next thing I know, teachers at Haverford started offering books to my family. I am proud to say that within 3 weeks we have eight boxes ready to be shipped!

Not only has the Haverford community come together to donate, but we are also expecting books from The Baldwin School. If you would also like to donate books please feel free. Our main goal is textbooks, but we are also accepting reading books as well. At the end of the day my family and I just want children in Africa to get the education they deserve.

-Justin Wamah, Form II

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