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The new Middle School is part of Character at Our Core, a $50 million comprehensive campaign. 
One of our campaign priorities is to realize inspiring spaces for every boy by completing the final piece of our campus master plan: a new Middle School intentionally designed to facilitate boys’ learning and growth.
During construction of the new building, anticipated for June 2019-September 2020, our Middle School boys will be housed in Virtue Village, a name developed and voted upon by the students, faculty, and staff. There are two buildings: Building Courage and Building Respect.


square footage of the new Middle School


increase in classroom space


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Innovative spaces, including the Middle School Commons, Maker Space, and Learning Commons


estimated cost of the new Middle School


anticipated opening of the new Middle School for the 2020-21 academic year


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News and updates

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Frequently asked questions

What is the School’s vision for a new Middle School?

While we will miss Crosman Hall, it is important that our Middle School reflects a 21st century   learning environment, including spaces that allow for collaboration, creativity, and innovation. The new building will meet the needs and vision of our program with larger classrooms, collaboration spaces, a learning commons, grade level-dedicated floors, gathering space for the entire Middle School, and a state-of-the-art maker space.

What are the features of the new building?

The new building will have larger, state-of-the-art classrooms, custom storage for students, open space for an all-school meeting, enhanced security, a learning commons, and a maker space. It will meet all ADA requirements, similar to our other academic buildings on campus.

What is the anticipated construction timeline?

We will exit Crosman Hall for the final time on June 7, 2019. Starting in mid-August, faculty and staff will move into Virtue Village, which will open on the tennis courts at the start of school in September. Construction on the new Middle School will begin in June 2019 and conclude in August 2020. 

Is there a traffic pattern change?

The circle will be open at all times with minimal disruption to traffic. Per current policy, Middle School pick-up and drop-off will continue to be at the Railroad Avenue entrance; pick-up and drop-off will not be permitted on Panmure Road.

Where will my son be while the new Middle School is under construction?

The Haverford School has invested in a brand new modular space called Virtue Village. We will build Virtue Village on our tennis courts and it will consist of two buildings: Respect and Courage. The sixth grade and Form I will occupy Building Respect while the Form II will reside in Building Courage. Faculty and staff will move in this summer and Virtue Village will be open for the first day of school. We will close Virtue Village at the end of school in June 2020 and the tennis courts will be available for the spring 2021 season.

Will there be changes in my son’s schedule and classes as a result of construction?

Our Middle School daily schedule evolved this year to help deepen the boys’ learning (see this story in Haverford School Today). With positive feedback and results, we will continue this schedule moving forward – and it will work seamlessly with Virtue Village. The boys will have a short commute to arrive to art, theater, and music in Centennial Hall on time, but all other classes will happen in Virtue Village. 

Will construction occur while school is in session?

Yes, however, drop-off, pick-up, and parking will not be affected. Worker hours will be 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. There will be the chance of a disruption to this schedule for large deliveries, but it will be minimal.

We will want the boys to learn about the building while the workers are on campus;regular meetings will occur during the school year so the boys can hear first-hand about the progress and the more technical aspects of the build.

What campus security will be in place during construction?

We will continue to make the safety and security of our students a top priority. Virtue Village is a secure space with security systems similar to Crosman Hall with more security cameras, updated fire prevention and security systems, and keycard access. During construction, the site will be secured with high fencing and barriers to prevent any possible injuries. Our builder, Adams Bickel, has a strong record of safety and will be working with us to maintain a safe and secure construction site.

What are you doing to mitigate the noise during construction?

We are taking steps to minimize noise, including protective barriers. However, the sound of hammers and saws may be audible, particularly by our Upper School students and faculty. We will do our best to minimize disruptions to the teaching and learning taking place throughout campus.

What is the cost of the project?

The current estimated cost of the entire project, including upgrades to the dining facility, is $18 million. Gifts from our Haverford community, along with funds budgeted for depreciation over the past decade, will support the project’s construction. To contribute to this keystone element of Haverford’s campus master plan, please contact Campaign Director Jill Miller ( or visit for more information. 

What company is handling the construction?

Adams Bickel is our construction company for this project, and all construction workers have PA clearances. They recently completed a similar size project at Notre Dame Academy in Villanova.

How can I stay informed about the project?

The Middle School Office will send regular updates on the progress of construction, along with pictures and occasional video. Jay Greytok ’83, Head of Middle School, is the best person to contact for all related questions regarding the Middle School.

How can I support the project?

To contribute to this keystone element of Haverford’s campus master plan, please contact Campaign Director Jill Miller at or learn more on our Character at Our Core campaign webpage.

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Support the campaign

If you'd like to discuss a gift to Character at Our Core, please contact Jill Miller, Campaign Director, at 484-417-2792 or