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The Haverford School Parents Association

The Haverford School Pumpkin Fair

Dear Families,

As a Haverford School parent, you are automatically a member of the HSPA. We are a group of volunteers who join together to support the school in many different ways (and have a lot of fun in the process).

The HSPA also has many resources available for families to keep you informed. A few examples are monthly email updates from your class parents; a weekly "Notes" email that is published on Wednesdays with reminders and HSPA information; a monthly meeting for every member of the HSPA where the Headmaster gives us an update; and monthly coffees with each division head.

Additionally, every class parent and every member of the HSPA board is available to answer questions at any time. Believe me, a quick text or email to any member of the HSPA board can save unnecessary stress. We would love to hear from you!

My best piece of advice to parents is to become involved. "Throw your hat into the ring," as they say, and attend a class event or a division coffee or a monthly meeting. We have many opportunities that can fit into even the busiest of schedules. If you take that first step, the rewards you will receive in return are priceless. 

If you have questions, please always reach out.

Dorothy Walker
HSPA Chairman


Lisa Martin

Director of Parent Programs

Dorothy Walker

2018-19 HSPA Chair


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