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Proper use of our logos facilitates immediate recognition of the School. The Haverford School has three trademarked logos, including:

  1. School seal
  2. Wordmark
  3. Athletics H

While the logos may be sized appropriately for the specific use, the proportions of their individual elements must not be altered. They must be displayed in designated official colors. All logos must be reproduced from the official artwork.

If you would like access to any of these logos, or the secondary logos not listed on this page, please contact the Marketing & Communications Office at

School Seal

The Haverford School seal is the primary logo. It is used for official communications from the School, legal documents, financial documents, awards, and other formal communications. 


The Haverford School wordmark should be used on applications intended for broader external or internal audiences when formally communicating the full name is important. Primary wordmark lock-ups support communications by academic departments and offices. 

Athletics H

The Haverford School’s athletic identity elements — or “spirit” marks — are for use by the School’s Athletic Department and School-sanctioned sports. The Haverford School “H” is the primary identity mark for Haverford Athletics. 

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