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Campus Safety

The Public Safety Department of The Haverford School is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all members of the School community. The information on this and other related material is intended to be a resource for employees, students, parents, and alumni regarding the School's policies and procedures as they pertain to maintaining a safe campus and learning environment. Any questions you may have can be answered by contacting the Office of Public Safety.

The Public Safety Department is on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, and 365 days a year protecting persons and property in a professional and effective manner. All Public Safety Officers are experienced and trained in the security field. Some staff also have a law enforcement background.

Some of the public safety officers’ duties include:

  • Maintaining and monitoring the campus security camera system
  • Operating and monitoring the access-control, ID card system
  • Issuing and maintaining the student and staff access ID card system
  • Regulating parking and traffic enforcement
  • Security staffing for special events and sporting activities
  • Providing safety and security to students, staff, and visitors
  • Responding to all calls for service, assistance, medical emergencies, suspicious activities or persons, unwanted persons or intruders
  • Providing safety and security inspections of school property
  • Providing repair requests concerning safety issues to facilities when observed during patrol duties
  • Conducting scheduled and unscheduled fire drills, and unwanted intruder drills during the school year

Emergency Preparedness

The School's plans have been modeled after those developed by Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia. These plans have been cited by the U.S. Department of Education, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and the American Prepared Campaign as national models.

The plans were customized to fit The Haverford School with the assistance of school administrators, school public safety staff members, and local law enforcement, emergency management, and public health officials.

The Haverford School public safety program:

  • examines potential emergencies and disasters based on the risk posed by likely hazards
  • develops and implements programs and actions aimed toward reducing the impact of these events on the School
  • prepares for those risks that cannot be eliminated
  • prescribes the actions required to deal with the consequences of the events and takes action to quickly recover from the event.

Our emergency planning focuses on the four (4) phases of emergency management: Mitigation/Prevention, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery.

Plans are regularly reviewed and updated. These plans include procedures to respond to critical incidents, such as a fire or tornado, and school personnel practice these drills regularly.

The Haverford School works in close collaboration with local, state, and federal officials to develop and maintain plans for coping with a variety of emergency response situations. These plans involve efforts to protect all students, employees, and visitors while they are at the School.

The actions taken during any type of emergency situation depend a great deal on the specifics of the incident. The nature of the threat may dictate any of the following responses: immediate evacuation, lock down, or it may initiate a shelter in place response. School administrators have a variety of tools to use and have received training on how to operate in each of these situations.

Campus Safety and Security Assessments

To insure that this institution is current on security and safety technology and responses to threats, The Haverford School's Public Safety Department spent the summer months of 2016 reviewing and updating all policies, procedures, and protocol that deal with campus emergencies. The Public Safety Department, working in concert with Steve Beck, the Safe Schools Coordinator for the Montgomery County Department of Public Safety, performed a comprehensive building and campus safety and security assessment.

Upon completion of the campus assessment, the Safe Schools Coordinator presented a thorough and extensive report that examined all aspects of safety and security for The Haverford School. This report provided a guide with recommendations on how we may improve what we already have in place. It is the intent of the Public Safety Department and the school administration to make this a continuing annual process.

Crisis Management and Security Plan

The Haverford School Crisis Management and Security Plan is used by administration, faculty, and staff as a general reference guide for managing emergencies on campus. Preparation and readiness help us to respond quickly if and when such events may arise.

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