Preparing Boys for Life.

Instructions - Homepage refresh 2018

Recommended Image Sizes

  • Hero Image: 1440px wide by 960px tall
  • Fact/CTA Panel background: 1440px wide by 450px tall
  • Grid
    • middle large: 980px wide by 735px tall
    • small images: 500px wide by 300px tall
  • Profile Slideshow: 630px wide by 400px tall
  • Accordion Facts backgrounds: 700px wide by 470px tall
  • Blog Post thumbnails: at least 330px wide by 185px tall
  • Map background: 1440px wide by 305 pixels tall
  • Call to Action Button backgrounds: 600px wide by 400px tall

-Resource Element, grid format with custom class “panel hp-hero”
-Connected to Gallery at Homepage 2018 > It doesn’t happen by chance 
-To update image pool (from which one will randomly load each page load), add/remove images here.
-To update text overlaid, update Gallery title.

It happens at Haverford facts and CTA panel
-Edit panel title and blurb in the Container element’s settings.
-Edit each of the 4 facts in their respective Content elements’ settings.
-Edit image and CTA buttons in the 4-column element’s settings.

How it happens grid
-Edit panel title and blurb in the Container element’s settings.
-Swap out each image/video by updating its Resource element’s settings to select a new Resource. 
-Edit the title of each image/video by editing that Resource’s Title field in the Resources module.

How will your son make his mark? profiles slideshow
-Edit panel title and blurb in the Container element’s settings.
-Connected to Gallery at Homepage 2018 > Profile Slideshow
-Add slides by uploading new images and editing the Title and Description fields as desired. You can use the “View More” link to link to a page with more profiles or to a page relevant to the particular slide.

Accordion Facts panel
-Each fact is a Content Element. Edit Title, Background Image, and Design > Header Content fields as desired.
-In order to hide a fact in the mobile view, add the class “hide-mobile” into Element Settings > Design > Custom Class (in addition to the “hp-fact” class already applied)

What will your son’s story be? News/Blog panel
-You can access each Post element’s settings to change which Boards are being pulled from. The View more news and View the blog links can be updated in each Post element’s settings > Design > Footer Content

Begin your journey panel
-Edit panel title, blurbs, and background image in the Content element’s settings.

Inquire, Visit, and Apply image button callouts
-Each of these is a Content Element. Edit the text and link in Header Content and the image in the body of the element.