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Travel-Study Programs

Haverford's Travel-Study programs strive to enhance the learning that takes place in the classroom by integrating authentic travel experiences into specified areas of the curriculum.

Our programs are often interdisciplinary. Upon their return home, participants are expected to share their experiences with the greater Haverford community. Past Travel-Study programs have included:

  • Fifth and Sixth Form Elective Course Global Perspectives with Travel to Cuba (2020)
  • Language-focused travel for students to China (2019, 2017, 2015), Guatemala (2019), Spain (2016), Nicaragua (2015) Costa Rica (2014), and Italy (2020, 2018, 2014)
  • Cross-cultural and curricular deep dives in Russia (2020), Morocco (2019), Cambodia (2018), Cuba (2017), and Greece (2016)
  • 8th grade interdisciplinary and service-learning program in Puerto Rico


In 2017, 29 Upper School boys spent spring break in Cuba with four faculty members. They first arrived to the southern part of the country and visited Santa Clara, Trinidad, and Cienfuegos where they engaged with local musicians, strolled the streets of the UNESCO Heritage World Heritage sites, and immersed themselves in Cuban history. Snorkeling, an organic farm and a regional music school were stops along the way to Havana. While in the capital, The Malecón, the Muraleando Community Service project, and Old Havana offered the students more opportunity for local interaction and new experiences. The day trip to the western countryside of Viñales was one of the final highlights of this Travel-Study program. Read their reflections on the blog >


The Haverford School Cuba Global Studies


Latin and history teachers recently guided 14 Upper School boys through Greece. With a focus on enhancing the Latin and historical contexts that the students discover in the classroom, the boys visited the ancient healing center of Epidavros, toured the Roman colony of Corinth, and explored ancient Greek sculpture at Olympia. The group finished their journey by spending two days in Athens visiting the Parthenon, the Athenian Agora and many other famous sites.


A group of 24 Upper School boys lived with host families in Seville, Spain. For a few hours each day, the students refined their language skills in classes. In the other half of the days, the group explored cultural sites around the city like the Real Alcázar, the Plaza de España and la Catedral. They practiced their Spanish while playing soccer with local students, while dancing the Flamenco and the Salsa and while cooking Paella. The students also enjoyed a day trip to the nearby city of Córdoba.

Puerto Rico

Each May, many eighth graders embark on a journey to Puerto Rico, where they are immersed in the island’s culture and experience firsthand the Spanish language, Puerto Rican history and cuisine, and the scientific oddities of the tropics.

The Haverford School Puerto Rico Service



Upper School Chinese students put their language skills to the test while immersing themselves in Chinese culture and lifestyle. They begin their time away from home at a remote and un-refurbished section of the Great Wall where they reflect on the weeks ahead. After interacting with students at Beijing’s Number 35 High School and seeing other sites around the city, the group makes its way to Kunming for a language school and homestay experience. The boys finish their journey in Chengdu. Read reflections from the students >


The Haverford School China