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Support Global Studies

One of the essential qualities of a Haverford graduate is “to respect and understand people of different genders and backgrounds, and live as a cooperative and engaged citizen of the global community.” How can we guide our students to develop this quality in their time at Haverford?

Fostering genuine self-awareness and encouraging an open mind in each boy may be the first steps to achieving this goal. Our young boys must feel comfortable enough in our community to take risks and learn from their mistakes. As they mature, the challenges will grow in number and in difficulty. Video-conferencing provides opportunities for our students to interact globally, while remaining grounded in the Haverford community. This type of collaborative technology unites students around the world. It is our job to weave our academic focus with the global classroom.

The faculty is the driving force behind the global learning in our classrooms. These educators provide varying international perspectives and worldly contexts within their disciplines. However, first hand experience outside the traditional classroom provides perspective. These interactions and experiences create engaged citizens of the world. International exchange programs allow students to learn from and with students of disparate points of view at home and abroad. A curriculum that includes authentic and immersive travel experiences builds intercultural capability and global competence.

With your support, the Haverford School Global Studies program will flourish in the years ahead.