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Middle School Diversity Conference 2020

The Trouble with My Name 

Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Javier Ávila

Dr. Ávila is currently on a national tour, presenting his one-man show The Trouble with My Name

According to Ávila's website, The Trouble with My Name "examines the issues of language, race, and social justice in an eye-opening performance where Ávila engages the audience as he tells the story of his life and reads poetry that illustrates what it means to be the American of the future." 





The Trouble with My Name - Trailer

Event Details

12th annual Middle School Diversity Conference

Date: March 4, 2020 (snow date: March 11)

Location: The Haverford School - Centennial Hall
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Time: 8:30 a.m.-2 p.m.

Student Cost: $50 per student; maximum of 20 students per school

Adult Cost: Free for two adults per school. If a school brings a 3rd adult, there's a $10 fee for that adult

* Lunch is included
* Separate professional development program with Dr. Ávila for the adults

Registration is now CLOSED. Please contact Donta Evans at with any questions or concerns.  


What Participants Are Saying

"I went twice in middle school and it was such an enlightening experience getting to meet people from other schools and hearing about their schools. I liked how we were all coming together in one big group to try to figure out what we could do as a community."

"I love helping the middle school students find ways to make their schools a better place to learn and grow for everyone there."

"In middle school, I attended the MS diversity conference, and it really opened my eyes and gave me perspective."

"The MS diversity conference is a really unique, exciting opportunity. I attended in eighth grade, and honestly had a life-changing experience. I left the conference with a completely different outlook and perspective on topics I had never really thought about before."

"We bring our students to this conference each year because it's a unique experience, and they love having the opportunity to engage with students from other school around topics related to diversity."