Preparing Boys for Life.
Xcursion Days: immersive learning in Middle School
Xcursion Days: immersive learning in Middle School

"I've always wondered what's inside – what's inside a computer, a car engine, a smart television ..."

During Middle School Xcursion Days, Dec. 18-20, students explore topics and projects they find intriguing. For three full days, students learn, then discuss, then create. There are 17 courses from which to choose, including Live Action Role Play, the art of mindfulness in elite athlete performance, the science of bread-making, outdoor survival skills, and home economics.

"Xcursion Days gives Middle School boys an opportunity to investigate something they have a real interest in," says Mario Masso, science teacher and Xcursion Days coordinator. "Not only do they learn to stretch their own abilities, but they also explore something that they may not learn in the classroom, but is critical in preparing them for life beyond Haverford."

This student-led endeavor will bring together Middle School boys and faculty of all ages, building upon the community spirit of the division.

"By mixing grade levels and strengths, uniting students with a common interest or passion, and encouraging them to drive their own outcome, we are fostering critical thinking and collaboration skills in a way that is fun and productive," says Masso.

bread making middle school

Bread and Bagels: learn the science of bread making.

Middle School Xcursion Days what's inside objects
What's Inside?:
what is inside of different objects and how do they work? Here, boys disassemble a doorknob.

Middle School mindfulness and sports psychology

Mindfulness and Meditation/Sports Psychology: explore the art of mindfulness and meditation in sports. Find out about strategies that athletes use to stay fit both physically and mentally.

Middle School live action role play
Live Action Role Play:
full of magic and costumes ... be the person (or monster) that you've always wanted to be.