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Tradition marks the first day of school
Tradition marks the first day of school

Following a long-standing tradition, Haverford School seniors escorted kindergarten students to and from their classrooms through the Walk of Virtues for the opening day assembly on Sept. 6.

Student Body President Robb Soslow welcomed everyone to the School's 134th year by sharing what he feels makes The Haverford School special: the people, brotherhood, and the opportunities provided for students to reach their full potential. "If The Haverford School was a body, if the faculty was our infallible beating heart, the trustees the brain, us boys would be the hands. We are the living will of respect, honesty, and courage. We are the hand that uses the frame of the schoolhouse, its mission, and brick by brick, action by action, build this place that houses what is so very dear to us. Us boys are those who are reaching out into the future, who pioneer the unknown, who change the world," said Soslow. "Let us stride into that unknown future, as Haverford men ought to do, and cease our beating into the past. Let us do great things, be great men, on whatever scale you wish. Let today be the beginning, a new slate, a new chance, to realize our potential. Let this be the start of something great." Read his full remarks on our blog >

Soslow introduced Headmaster John Nagl and following his remarks, struck a gong to ring in the start of the new school year.

Watch the opening day of school highlight video below, or on Vimeo.