Preparing Boys for Life
Best for Boys Speaker Series: Boyhood in the 21st Century, Dr. Michael Reichert
Ball Auditorium

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Male models of abuse, casualty, and loss have dominated popular airwaves. But the truth behind these headlines is surprising and deeply reassuring. It is not boys themselves but an outdated model of boyhood that is the problem. Those in charge of boyhood - parents, educators, coaches - need to challenge masculine stereotypes and myths and create a new paradigm for raising a boy who is resilient, emotionally astute, and morally grounded.

In a talk based upon his new book, How to Raise a Boy, Dr. Michael Reichert reviews what we know and what we are missing when it comes to raising our sons. Building on his research and clinical experience, as well as from other research in boyhood studies and interpersonal neuroscience, his perspective affirms the goodness of boys and offers a roadmap for all those who care for them.

Participants in this workshop will:

  • Understand the historic model of boyhood and its developmental costs.
  • Review key aspects of boys' lives - their emotional development, the role of friendship and intimacy, their health and wellness, violence, digital citizenship - to grasp some of the threats to their development and the protective role parents and others can play.
  • Appreciate how a relational approach to parenting, teaching, and mentoring boys can nurture their virtue and strengthen their resilience.

Michael C. Reichert, Ph.D. is a consulting psychologist at The Haverford School and in a clinical practice nearby. He is the founding director of The Center for the Study of Boys' and Girls' Lives at the University of Pennsylvania and has published numerous articles and several books, including Reaching Boys, Teaching Boys: Lessons About What Works-and Why and I Can Learn From You: Boys as Relational Learners. A book for parents, How to Raise a Boy: The Power of Connection to Build Good Men, is scheduled for publication in April 2019.