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Varsity Track & Field The Haverford School



The track program at The Haverford School is composed of athletes of all levels who come to practice every day ready and willing to work. The team competes on the Inter-Ac, state, and national levels with a great deal of success, having brought home a number of medals and awards and consistently breaking many school records over the last few years. Ultimately, the track team has high expectations going into the season and with a solid group of leaders will work hard to achieve its goals. 

Meet the Coach

Luqman Kolade varsity track and field coachHead Coach: Luqman Kolade

As a former member of the University of Pennsylvania track team and a USATF-certified coach, Luqman Kolade brings a high level of expertise and enthusiasm to the track program at The Haverford School. With his background in hurdling, jumping, and sprinting, Coach Kolade is able to work with a wide variety of athletes. His focus is not only on building speed but making sure every athlete, regardless of talent level is a little better than when he first started. Having coached and taught athletes of all ages since 2004, Kolade is well experienced in working with young athletes and is always looking to improve his own coaching.

In addition to his coaching duties, Kolade teaches English in the Upper School.

Team News


With Agnes Irwin School and the Baldwin School, Penn Charter
with Agnes Irwin and the Baldwin School, Episcopal Academy



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New Balance Nationals @ North Carolina A-T (Greensboro, NC
Hoka/Henderson Invitational, W C Henderson HS
WC Henderson HS
Penn Relays - Franklin Field
University of Pennsylvania


Name Class
Mekhi Ajose-Williamson 2021
Jack Ballenger 2020
Mike Barr 2020
Khalil Bland 2019
Scott Burke 2020
Adam Campbell 2019
Amari Campbell 2021
William Clark 2019
Biagio DeSimone 2019
Dylan DiNubile 2020
Shane Fordham 2019
Troy Gibbs-Brown 2018
Jake Glunk 2019
Mark Gregory 2018
Jahmir Grose 2020
Anthony Hands 2019
Eusha Hasan 2018
Daiyaan Hawkins 2020
Long Huang 2021
James Ives 2018
Garrett Johnson 2019
Junius Jones 2019
Carter Karinshak 2019
Obaida Khujali Elamin 2020
Peter Laforest 2021
Aram LaVan 2019
Petey Lemmon 2019
Michael Leone 2019
Dylan Lepore 2020
Sam Lindner 2018
Aidan Lowe 2020
Lamont Lucas 2018
Logan McAllister 2020
Will Merhige 2018
Jackson Overton-Clark 2019
Tilak Patel 2021
Yogesh Patel 2020
Caleb Reed 2020
Sam Reisbord 2020
Tyler Rippie 2020
Alfred Sanford 2021
Vincent Scauzzo 2020
Myles Scott 2018
Konstantinos Seherlis 2021
Jamaal Shaw 2019
Christopher Sims 2021
Benjamin Stallworth 2018
Nathan Tai 2021
Connor Tracy 2019
Gaspard Vadot 2018
Daniel Whaley 2019
Manny Winikur 2021
Lleyton Winslow 2020
Tucker Wurman 2020


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