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Scores & Results

Episcopal Academy
Win 27-32
PAISAA Tournament
Win 2nd Place
Inter-Ac Championships
Win 1st 58 point
Malvern Prep
Win 22-35

Team Information

All students interested in joining the Cross-Country team should contact Head Coach Tim Lengel at This will get your name on the email contact list. Most of our information and updates are sent out through email.

Official practices start Monday, Aug. 21st. We will meet from 8:00 - 10:00 a.m., Monday through Friday, at The Haverford School track. We do not make cuts, and all are welcome to run. We have a Varsity and JV team, and all runners practice together and get training that caters to their experience level and goals.

The expectation is that all potential cross-country runners run over the summer. If you are new to the sport, your goal is to be able to run at least 30 minutes without stopping on the first day of practice. Anyone trying to make our varsity team should expect to train hard. It's unlikely that you will make the varsity if you only run 2-3 days a week during the off-season.

Contact Tim Lengel at with any questions.

Head Coach:

Tim Lengel
610-642-3020, ext. 1302

Assistant Coach:

Brian Long

Team Philosophy:

The philosophy of the running programs at Haverford School is overall development through your high school running career. We focus on developing aerobic strength and muscular endurance by taking a long term approach to development. We want our athletes to be lifelong runners and to have a foundation to achieve their best running at the next levels of the sport. The coaching staff works hard to challenge all runners, regardless of ability level, to reach their potential. Our student athletes are given personalized training schedules, have individual goal meetings, and are expected to work hard and be committed to the team. We also expect our students to live well-balanced academic, social, and athletic lives.


# Name Class
Benjamin Bacharach 2018
Stuart Berlinger 2018
Aditya Bhise 2017
Khalil Bland 2019
Taj Bland 2017
Matthew Brennan 2018
Anthony Calvelli 2017
Dylan DiNubile 2020
Mark Gregory 2018
Eusha Hasan 2018
Dan Heffernan 2017
Cameron Hoorfar 2017
James Ives 2018
Nicholas Magnani 2017
George Maguire 2019
Robert Manganaro 2018
Logan McAllister 2019
Will Merhige 2018
Stephen Mostek 2017
David Niedzwicki 2017
Vincent Scauzzo 2020
Myles Scott 2018
Jonny Sonnenfeld 2020
Clark Wanglee 2017
Harper Weigle 2017
Ethan Weiss 2017
Lleyton Winslow 2020
Brandon Wolfgang 2020
Tucker Wurman 2020
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