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Code of Conduct

While the following guidelines were created by the Inter-Academic League, The Haverford School hopes that these standards will be followed at all Haverford School contests and at all levels of play. The goal of the Inter-Academic League Sportsmanship Code is to insure respect among participants, coaches, spectators, and officials at all league contests. To achieve this:

1. Coaches are responsible for setting a proper tone for their athletes.

2. Spectators should encourage their own teams and treat opponents with respect.

3. Noisemakers and provocative signs are prohibited from all contests.

4. Officials are to be treated with respect by coaches, players, and spectators.

5. Abusive language, which includes taunting, is prohibited at all contests.

6. Anyone - coach, player, or spectator - who violates the Sportsmanship Code may be expelled from the premises.

In addition, Haverford School coaches, players, and spectators are expected to:

1. Remember that your actions on and off the field influence others and reflect on you and your school.

2. Make sportsmanship a top priority.

3. Realize that students take their lead from adults, who can set a good example with their behavior at all contests.

4. Understand that fighting or dirty play will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

5. Be gracious in victory and defeat.

6. Realize that violations of these policies can lead to disciplinary action.