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Apparel Policies

The Haverford School Athletics Department has developed the following uniform requirement policies for Upper School interscholastic athletic teams and physical education classes. These policies are implemented for the sake of uniformity and inclusivity. We strive to have all of our athletic teams look their very best, both in training and in competition. We also desire to make sure that as much as possible, the School provides the boys with the required gear necessary for any sport they choose to play, without the requirement to spend additional money for that gear.

Below, we define our terminology and policies. If you have questions or concerns about our new policies, please contact Director of Athletics Michael Murphy at or 610-642-3020, ext. 1909.

Apparel terminology defined

General Issue Athletic Apparel

This term refers to apparel that is provided by the School to each Upper School student at the beginning of the School year. This apparel is the approved practice wear for all Upper School teams. If additional practice apparel is required, in most instances it will be provided by the School. Samples of all adult sizes will be available to try on in the FORDS Store.

Team Uniform

This term refers to the official uniform that a boy wears when competing for a Haverford School athletic team. The majority of team uniform items are provided by the School. If there is an additional uniform item that is required for a player to purchase, it is listed on the Athletic Uniform & Equipment Chart

Required Athletic Equipment

This term refers to equipment that is necessary for a boy to participate on an athletic team. This equipment may or may not be provided by the School depending on the sport. Detailed information is listed on the Athletic Uniform & Equipment Chart.

Spirit Wear

This term refers to any and all apparel that is sold through the FORDS Store. This apparel is purchased at the discretion of families. Spirit wear is NOT required for participation on a team. It is the coach’s discretion as to whether or not he or she will allow an athlete to wear this gear to a team practice.


General Issue Athletic Apparel Policy

Every Upper School boy is issued one of each of the following items in the fall: short-sleeved T-shirt, shorts, sweatshirt, and sweatpants. The intention is that each boy is provided with everything that is required for practice in any sport in which he chooses to participate. If a boy loses an item of his General Issue apparel, he will be able to purchase a replacement at the FORDS Store.

  • Students will be able to purchase additional General Issue apparel items from the FORDS Store.
  • The General Issue pieces are the official practice gear for all Haverford School athletic teams. If additional athletic apparel is required (i.e. a reversible pinnie), it will be provided by the School.
  • No one should be solicited to purchase additional practice gear.

Team Uniform Policy

The Haverford School Athletic Department will issue all required uniforms for all athletic teams. Most uniforms that are issued will remain the property of The Haverford School, and students will be required to return them at the end of each athletic season. Some uniform items (i.e. swimsuits) will be kept by the student.

  • No student will be responsible for purchasing their own uniforms for any sport.
  • No one should be solicited to purchase additional athletic uniforms.
  • A uniform may consist of apparel items and athletic equipment (i.e. football helmet).

Athletic Equipment Policy

The Haverford School Athletic Department will issue athletic equipment in some sports, but may not issue it in others. There are multiple factors that determine the decision as to whether or not the School will provide athletic equipment in a particular sport. For a list by sport detailing what athletic equipment is provided and what must be purchased, see the Athletic Uniform & Equipment Chart.

Assistance may be available to help a student purchase athletic equipment needed to participate in a particular sport. Contact the team’s head coach or the Director of Community with these requests.

Spirit Wear Policy

All spirit wear sales are handled through the FORDS Store. The FORDS Store has certain “stock” items available in the store, some items will be offered online, and other items will be offered during special “Preorder Offerings” occurring on a biannual basis.

  • Spirit wear purchases are NOT required for participation on any athletic team at the School.
  • Spirit wear items are great for the boys to have to show their school/team spirit, but they are not required for participation.
  • Spirit wear sales will be open to the entire School community.
  • Students may be permitted to wear customized spirit wear items to team practices, but only at the discretion of a team’s head coach.

Team Store Policy

There will no longer be individual Team Store offerings. All of this type of apparel will be handled through the FORDS Store retail team.

Policy on Solicitation for Purchases

It is not permissible for students, coaches, or parents to arrange orders or produce apparel or equipment for a given team, regardless of the nature of the apparel/equipment, and solicit payment for the items.

Donation Policy

Should an individual or group of individuals wish to donate apparel or equipment to a team, the following conditions must be met:

  • The Director of Athletics must be notified in advance of the intended donation and approve the request.
  • In order to ensure consistency of brand, the School must be involved in the design of the item(s) and provide final approval of the purchase.
  • The Haverford School’s Development Office must be notified so that the individual(s) can receive proper recognition for the gift.

If these procedures are not followed, the team will not be permitted to wear the apparel or equipment.



Michael Murphy

Director of Athletics
610-642-3020, ext. 1909

The Haverford School Athletics Apparel Policies

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