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violin private music lessons

Why study music?

  • Music students develop strong leadership and teamwork skills
  • Music students excel in math, science, spatial reasoning, and reading comprehension
  • Music students score higher on the SATs
  • Music students are less likely to suffer from depression or substance abuse issues
  • Music students develop strong leadership and teamwork skills

Let us inspire you!

The teachers at The Haverford Conservatory want to inspire students and instill within them a love of music. We provide the very best teachers and convenient on-site instruction to students of all ages and abilities. Our program features individual lessons, group lessons, and a variety of performance opportunities to create a balanced, comprehensive instrumental experience.

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Brian Adamczyk

Director of The Haverford Conservatory

Virtual singing lessons have been absolutely amazing! It
has been so easy to schedule and it has been a wonderful supplement to virtual learning. Mrs. Latimer plays her piano at home while my son sings. It’s been so fantastic that we are planning to continue with singing lessons throughout the summer. Lisa, parent