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Whether your interests are in athletics, the arts, career networking, or reconnecting with former classmates, there are many opportunities to volunteer your time at Haverford. Navigate the tabs at left to learn more.


Welcome Home

Close your eyes and think back. Remember the boy you were at age seven, at twelve, at seventeen, and ask yourself this question: how much of what I am today comes from having been a part of The Haverford School?

While each of us has his own cache of memories and probably remembers those years with a whole mix of emotions, we know that in many ways The Haverford School has helped shape our lives. From the way we see the world to the forging of our character, from the richness of our relationships to the values that guide us, The Haverford School has left its indelible mark.

Just as we have grown and matured and expanded our horizons, so too has the School.

Besides the obvious, ongoing physical transformations to our campus over the years, the School has never stopped evolving in the classroom. Today, The Haverford School is a stronger, more diverse community, providing its students with the ability to meet 21st century challenges in an educational environment that supports self-discovery and cultivation of whole child. Even as it evolves, The Haverford School stays committed to the same ideals that have served so well since its founding – scholarship, citizenship, and the importance of character and conduct.

This evolution, based on unchanging core principles, has led to our remarkable success - a success guided and supported every step of the way by the commitment of The Haverford School alumni.

From the beginning, it has been alumni concern, involvement, and generous financial support that have allowed The Haverford School to flourish. The School has turned out leaders in every field of endeavor, and perhaps more importantly, produced citizens of the world who have sought to contribute in any way they can. This is the legacy of the School, a legacy that justifies its national and international reputation for excellence in educating boys.

Throughout the School’s long history, every alumnus has been the beneficiary of those who came before.

It is this idea of responsibility for the future, steeped in gratitude for the past, that is the catalyst for giving back to The Haverford School. At this particularly challenging time in our nation’s history, when service has risen to national priority, we ask that you join in that long line of Haverford boys and young men, extending across generations, to help those who follow create a better world.

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Andrew Bailey '02

Director of Alumni Relations & Major Gifts Officer


Kristin Thorkelson

Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
610-642-3020 ext. 1312


Peter Hennessey '95, P'31 '33

Alumni Association President


Lathrop B. Nelson III '93

Alumni Association Vice President


Jonesy Lerch '89