Preparing Boys for Life.

Why We're Different

We know The Haverford School is a special place, but we want you to discover its magic for yourself. Take a look through what our community is saying about Haverford, and then set up a visit to see our best-for-boys programs in action.


"Beginning as a pre-kindergarten student, our son has been challenged to think critically about the world around him. The curriculum and thematic units help him explore new people, places, genres, and ideas; he has been encouraged to look for key descriptors, collect and analyze data, and apply the information through speaking or writing. Each of these experiences is helping my son see himself as a writer and a mathematician, and encouraging him to approach learning through those lenses."
- Kim, Lower School parent

"The Haverford School is a remarkable place! The teachers expect the boys to work hard and to their maximum potential. In return, the teachers praise and reward the boys for their hard work in a safe and supportive environment. The academic curriculum is rigorous and engaging, and there are high expectations of integrity, resiliency, and hard work. My son is thriving and flourishing in this emotionally safe and academically challenging school. Sending my son to Haverford is the best gift we can give him."
- Barbara, Lower School parent

Main Line Elementary School

"A Haverford student is kind, helpful, aware, innovative, curious, artistic, funny, strong in academics as well as sports and someone who values his community and wants to make a difference."
- Pragati, Middle School parent

"Haverford gets boys. I am amazed by how everything is geared toward reaching out to boys, connecting with them, and harnessing their energy. The teachers use various methods to engage every student. The School has a clear pedagogy and value system, which are instilled from the top down. It prepares our boys to be productive, thoughtful, and qualified men."
- Genie, Lower and Middle School parent

"Throughout the years, our children have reaped the rewards of many exceptional teachers, but never -- and I mean this honestly -- have we encountered a collective group of educators with as much passion, dedication, and intrigue -- topped with the perfect amount of humor and charm -- as those we met last night [Upper School Parents Night]. My husband and I sat in each of those classrooms in sheer awe. No doubt we'd still be sitting at those desks, soaking it all in, had it not been for that final "time's up" announcement. Simply put, we are filled with an indescribable amount of comfort, pride, and joy knowing that our son is in your hands each day."
- Upper School parent

The Haverford School Middle School science


"In my first class at Haverford, Mr. Kopp went around the room and shook everyone's hand and taught us about being a gentleman. As time goes on, the lessons that I learned at Haverford become more apparent, and the significance of the opportunity to attend the School becomes more clear."
- Aris '12

"The School has stayed true to its roots of academic integrity, and places a high value on both competitive athletics and the arts. It examines the impact of globalization and diversity. Above all, it operates under an Honor Code that underscores personal responsibility for our actions, and encourages us to be the best that we can be."
- Richard '69

"My teachers were the biggest drivers of my development and fostered an immense sense of intellectual curiosity. At Haverford, the goal was to become a lifelong learner. I understood how to synthesize information and how to engage in intellectual debates – not just on classroom subjects, but on issues of morality and law."
- Jeffrey '95

The Haverford School alumni on EA Day

"The teachers at Haverford provided intellectual stimulation and motivation to get students excited about learning. We learned how to learn. Our teachers encouraged curiosity for curiosity’s sake, and Haverford really embodied that idea of “teach a man to fish....” We were exposed to challenging circumstances both intellectual and physical that, when overcome, fostered great confidence."
- Mark ’82

"Haverford affords each young man an incredible opportunity to discover their unique skills, to be pushed in the direction of excellence by faculty and peers, and ultimately to be enveloped into a large family of alumni and friends who were shaped by the enduring ideals and educational vision of this great school."
- Bill '88

Haverford School student president

Robb Soslow, 2017-18 Class President, congratulates fellow graduates at Commencement.

All men must fail, but Haverford men do not give up. We are to become the men in the arena, we are to strive valiantly, and if we are to fail, we are to fail while daring greatly.

And what is not mentioned in that brilliant Theodore Roosevelt speech is that there is more than the man in the arena and the critic. For every man in the arena, there was the person who taught that man how to fight. For every thing I learned about music, Hightower taught me more about how to live. For every paper Keefe squiggled on, he taught me more about how to love. Thank you, faculty, for without you we would have never learned how to fight. Robb Soslow

Aaron MacLean

Haverford is certainly the most remarkable school -- and among the most remarkable educational institutions, bar none -- that I've had the pleasure of visiting. Aaron MacLean, Honor Day Visiting Speaker