Preparing Boys for Life.

Why Haverford

We often ask members of our community, "Why Haverford?" The most common themes we hear from students and parents fall into the following seven areas:

1. Preparing Boys for Life

Preparing your son academically for the future is undoubtedly one of the most valuable benefits of a Haverford education. But more importantly, we give boys a foundation of skills they need to lead a fulfilling and meaningful life. As our statement of vision reads, “the Haverford faculty prepares each boy to be future-ready through developing his character and his emotional intelligence, as well as his academic, artistic, and athletic talents.”

2. Extraordinary Educators

Our educators have the vision, ability, compassion, and commitment to inspire and deliver the challenging educational program at Haverford. They possess the flexibility to respond to the needs of boys as they prepare to live and work in an increasingly interconnected, complex world. They employ best practices in boys’ education based on research, experience, and evaluation that effectively informs not only what they teach, but also how they teach.

3. A Safe, Supportive Learning Environment

We offer a safe, supportive, diverse, and inclusive learning environment, fostering trust, understanding, appreciation, and mutual respect. Our dedicated faculty and staff actively build caring, supportive relationships with each boy as he assumes increased responsibility for his learning and personal development throughout his years at Haverford.

4. Character Development

Character development is emphasized in all areas of school life at Haverford. We believe that our Honor Code and Principles of Community are important guiding principles for boys as they treat each other with respect, empathy, and kindness. While learning to respect themselves and their peers, our students become role models for younger boys.

5. Global Readiness, Service Learning

We prepare boys to be global citizens through a dynamic curriculum, including the development of collaborative problem-solving skills, digital and information literacy and communication skills, and learning about, respecting, and valuing cultural differences. This learning is not confined to the classroom; we also offer a comprehensive program dedicated to community involvement and service learning.

6. Leaders in Educating Boys

Haverford is a world leader in educating boys. In 2010, we hosted the International Boys’ Schools Coalition conference, with more than 500 educators from across the world in attendance. Our faculty is engaged in learning, research, and implementation of best practices in boys’ education, as well as professional development through top local, regional, and national independent school consortiums. More than two-thirds of our faculty hold advanced degrees.

7. Relational Learning, Friends for Life

The Haverford School is a vibrant, spirited community designed just for boys, where relationships built upon trust, respect, and support inspire learning. The caring relationships at Haverford, and the active network of supportive parents, alumni, and friends ensures the strong sense of community that we cherish, and forges lifelong bonds between members of the Haverford School family.

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We know that Haverford will provide a strong foundation not only for a lifetime of learning, but also for establishing good character. We want our son to be a leader among men – someone who is honest, fair, and kind to others, someone to whom others look to provide an example. Haverford is exactly the type of place where he will grow in his capacity to do his best work, to learn to do the right thing, and to lead a life of purpose.Lower School parent

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