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We Help Boys Be Their Best

With 135 years of experience in preparing boys for life, The Haverford School has a consistent vision of the best that boys can be.

Our teachers know that boys and girls interact differently with the educational environment, and we teach to the unique needs and strengths of boys. This helps boys realize their full human potential – socially, morally, and intellectually. At Haverford, young men get a strong academic foundation, make lifelong friends, and learn to serve their wider community.

Haverford boys feel comfortable taking risks. They possess the enthusiasm to give an answer that may not be correct; the emotional intelligence to cry while reading a sad book; and the confidence to try new things. We develop deep connections with our boys, elevating the educational experience for us all.
– Kate Thorburn, faculty

We Know Boys

Boys are physical beings and have a natural desire to move.
Each teacher designs a classroom environment using space, movement, and collaboration to enhance boys' learning.

Boys respond well to clear expectations and positive reinforcement.
Accountability for oneself and one's "brothers" fosters camaraderie and good character. We best serve our boys when we give them clear and consistent instruction, and provide an opportunity for them to experience both positive and negative consequences of their actions.

Boys learn best through sensory experiences, which are carefully crafted to fully engage boys in their learning.
Lessons about photosynthesis may take place under a tree in the quad, while guitar students may draw inspiration from the setting of our outdoor amphitheater.

Boys thrive under a relational teaching method, in which teachers and coaches develop meaningful relationships with their students.
Being able to relate to the boys on multiple levels – from the playing field to the stage to the classroom – truly makes a Haverford School education transformational.

Sister Schools

The Agnes Irwin School, The Baldwin School, and The Haverford School are three Philadelphia-area independent schools committed to single-sex education. Haverford benefits from a meaningful social, civic, and academic partnership with both of our sister schools.

The Haverford School Why All Boys

Co-Ed Partnerships

Art shows, theater performances, and global exchange programs enable our boys to collaborate and explore alongside their "sisters."

Dances, open mic nights, and time-honored traditions, from the Empty Bowls service project to Tunic Wars, offer low-key, creative outlets.

The co-ed Upper School Human Relationships course explores identity and gender issues, exposing students to new perspectives.

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