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What is Virtual Haverford?

Mission Vision Virtues boys school

Virtual Haverford is a distance learning school developed in response to the challenges presented by COVID-19. 

Virtual Haverford engages our boys daily through classes and advisory, including core instruction as well as library, physical education, art, and music. We provide a platform for the boys to see and interact with each other and with their teachers, forging positive and healthy relationships. Our teachers continue their mentorship, guiding boys through various stages of intellectual, social-emotional, and physical development.

Read on for ways Virtual Haverford is fulfilling our mission and living our core virtues as a school dedicated to the development of young men. 

Haverford's leadership has been inspirational and directional now and for the future. The resiliency demonstrated by the teachers and administration will clearly pave the way for a strong future for our current students and those yet to be considered. The Haverford School community has a level of confidence that our children are being educated, are happy, and have realized an amazing level of educational diversity in the curriculum.

Wendy, Lower School Parent
students walking together


Virtual Haverford has been an extremely positive experience for my three sons during these unprecedented times. My boys still feel connected to their peers every day, which is so important, and they are fully challenged and supported by their teachers. It’s amazing to see how quickly and efficiently our school rallied together to create a brand new virtual world that keeps our boys home safe yet still inspired to continue to learn and grow the Haverford way. Deb, Lower and Middle School Parent

Happening at Virtual Haverford

Performing Arts

"Music is enormously powerful. It touches us in ways nothing else can, giving voice to joy and sorrow, triumph and despair, love and loss. And it reminds us that, even in darkness, there is light, and hope. Even in sorrow and loss, there are those who serve, and help, and fix what is bent or broken." - Headmaster Dr. John Nagl

A Tribute to First Responders: "Fix You"

Carousel: "You'll Never Walk Alone"

A heartfelt thank you for all the tremendous work the faculty and staff have done to pivot to distance learning during these unprecedented times. As an educational professional, I am literally blown away by the dedication and compassion of all the faculty. All three of our boys' teachers have gone significantly above and beyond. Dr. Greenblatt and Nichole Pugliese have done a tremendous job moving the Lower School to distance learning; it is more difficult to capture these kid's attention than older students. We thank you for your leadership and are so proud to be part of the Haverford family during these uncertain times.

Jackie and Jim, Lower School Parents


Haverford School virtual athletics


Learn more about our athletic programs and our virtual Strength and Conditioning workouts.

We have been very impressed with Haverford's level of organization and response to this unprecedented situation. The faculty and staff have been amazing and it is great to hear my son online able to engage with his peers and teachers. Haverford faculty and staff should be so proud, as this level of preparedness far exceeds what we are experiencing elsewhere. 

I am a clinical professor at Drexel and we have moved our entire spring quarter to online. Trying to navigate this new territory myself has increased my respect for all of the teachers at Haverford who have made this change look effortless even though I know they have spent hours/days and sleepless nights making sure our students can continue with their education and connectedness.

Megan, Upper School Parent

Relational Teaching


Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion