Preparing Boys for Life

Virtual Haverford

What is Virtual Haverford?

Virtual Haverford is a distance learning school developed in response to the challenges presented by COVID-19.

Virtual Haverford works hard to engage our boys daily through classes and advisory, including core instruction as well as library, physical education, art, and music. Our goal is to enrich and advance our curriculum in a supportive environment with the help of our families in providing space and time for our students. We continue to forge positive and healthy relationships with our boys, a hallmark of The Haverford School experience. 

Relational Learning

Haverford is well known for supporting the brotherhood between the boys and the relationships between the teachers and students. Every day, we provide a platform for the boys to see and interact with each other and with the teachers. The teacher-student bond is strong at Haverford and our boys value the guidance and mentorship shared by our talented faculty, all experts in teaching boys at various stages of physical, social-emotional, and intellectual development.

Virtual Haverford in Action

Fink art class virtual learning

On our first day of spring break, Mr. Fink guided fourth grade boys through a drawing of a man running through Philadelphia. The boys used their sketchpads from art class and followed along in a Google Meet session. 

elementary school learning from home


Kindergarten students are continuing their work with Super Kids, a structured literacy program based in the science of reading.

virtual learning

Lower School brothers gather in their uniforms for the start of school. Haverford's Principles of Community remain in place, to continue to reinforce the School's core virtues and behavioral expectations.

Mindfulness Virtual Haverford


Senior Chris Tsetsekos and Mindfulness Club faculty leader Heather Graber-Stinson are leading regularly morning mindfulness practices. Chris says, "It is so important for your mental health that you give yourself time to digest everything going on around you, and with so many changes to our lives with the coronavirus, we all need that time."

What Our Families Are Saying

A heartfelt thank you for all the tremendous work the faculty and staff have done to pivot to distance learning during these unprecedented times. As an educational professional, I am literally blown away by the dedication and compassion of all the faculty. All three of our boys' teachers have gone significantly above and beyond. Dr. Greenblatt and Nichole Pugliese have done a tremendous job moving the Lower School to distance learning; it is more difficult to capture these kid's attention than older students. We thank you for your leadership and are so proud to be part of the Haverford family during these uncertain times.

Jackie and Jim, Lower School Parents

I am beyond grateful for such a dedicated and selfless group of teachers. It’s difficult to be a good teacher in the easy times of regular classes. I can not even imagine what these teachers are trying to deal with as well as creating an uncharted learning system for our boys. Beyond grateful! Kathleen, Middle School Parent

students walking together


We have been very impressed with Haverford's level of organization and response to this unprecedented situation.  The faculty and staff have been amazing and it is great to hear my son online able to engage with his peers and teachers. Haverford faculty and staff should be so proud as this level of preparedness far exceeds what we are experiencing elsewhere.

I am a clinical professor at Drexel and we have moved our entire spring quarter to online and trying to figure out how to teach clinical courses virtually. Trying to navigate this new territory myself has increased my respect for all of the teachers at Haverford who have made this change look effortless even though I know they have spent hours/days and sleepless nights making sure our students can continue with their education and connectedness.

Megan, Upper School Parent

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