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International Students

The Haverford School is committed to cultivating a community that is reflective of the world in which we live.
While we welcome students from around the world, because we are not a boarding school, we enroll a small number of international students. We only accept applicants for grades 9-11. Please read on for details on applicant requirements and our international student enrollment process.

Applicant Requirements

  • The applicant must be fluent in English (reading, writing, and speaking). A TOEFL score of 100 or above is required.
  • The applicant’s family is responsible for tuition, books, food, housing, and any supplemental costs.
  • All international students must live with a host family while attending Haverford if the parents/guardian do not plan on living in the United States. It is the responsibility of the student’s parents/guardian to find a host family. The host family should be comfortable communicating in English.
  • The student and his family are responsible for making arrangements for visas, transportation, and finances. All international students must have a valid passport. The student is also required to have health insurance for the duration of his stay at Haverford. Proof of insurance will be requested as part of the application process.

Steps to Apply

Step 1: Submit TOEFL Results

A TOEFL is required prior to application. To help ensure your son's academic success, we require a score of 100 or above. Original TOEFL results must be submitted directly from ETS to Haverford prior to application. Copies of the TOEFL results will not be considered. Our TOEFL code is 3243.

Once we have received the original TOEFL scores from ETS (we do not accept copies), we will contact you about moving forward with the process. Please do not submit an application until you hear from the Admissions Office.

Step 2: Apply Online

If the Admissions Office has accepted the TOEFL results, please fill out the online application and submit with the application fee. This will officially begin the process.

Step 3: Submit Teacher Recommendations and Transcripts

We will accept originals only; all documents must be in English. Please visit our Applying to Haverford webpage for specific grade requirements.

Step 4: Complete Admissions Interview

Once the Admissions Office has had the chance to review all submitted documentation, we will then schedule an interview. We encourage all international applicants to visit Haverford for an interview and also to spend a day at the School. If it is not possible to arrange a visit to Haverford, we will schedule a Skype interview.

Step 5: Await Admissions Decision

When the above steps have been completed, the Admissions Committee will review the student’s file. If the student is accepted, an enrollment contract will be issued. When the School receives the signed enrollment contract along with the requested deposit, Haverford will issue the I-20.


Suzanne Tassoni

Admissions Office Manager