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Meet Our Tour Guides

Our tour guides are some of the first faces you'll see on our campus. They are the young academics, athletes, and actors who will lead you on tours past the Walk of Virtues, through the Quad, and into our classrooms.

Our tour guide captains—Nathan, Dylan, Colin, Alphonso, Jaiden, Brendan, and Jack—recently reflected on their favorite features of The Haverford School. They answered a series of questions, covering topics from joy to admiration, hard lessons learned to strong relationships formed. Their responses show the many ways our community lives our mission and embodies our core virtues. As you read through their answers below, imagine your own Haverford journey.



Nathan smiles

On dedication

Every morning, I am greeted by a different club and I interact with different people. This allows me to start my daily learning about things I care about. Whether it is math club, classics club, poetry club, reading olympics, literary magazine making, debate club, environmental club, service board, or many other things, taking advantage of all these opportunities always brings a smile to my face and is an amazing way to start a day.


Dylan smiling

On leadership

Whenever I see Mr. Casertano walking through the hallways or seeing him standing outside his office—after passing the sweater—gives me a great sense of positivity and motivation in feeling ready for the new obstacles for the year. A quick chat with him can turn your day around or give you the spark to push through whatever barrier is blocking you.


Colin smiles

On initiative

Haverford presents so many opportunities that no student can be a part of everything. The most respected students on campus don't just play sports, don't just sing, don't just ace tests, don't just fight for DEI; they do some combination of those activities. The diversity of passion within any single Haverford student is incredible, and I encourage every student to take advantage of the amazing opportunities to explore every one of those interests.


Alphonso smiles

On communication

Being a tour guide captain is one of the best feelings. In eighth grade, my tour guide Damian influenced my decision a lot, so my goal is to have that same impact on another student and family—leading their sons to succeed at Haverford by being themselves!


Jaiden smiles

On courage

Haverford is a wonderful place with plentiful opportunities to both find yourself and prepare for higher levels of education. Try that honors class you're a little scared to take. Try out for the musical even if singing isn't really your thing. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable is key to a successful tenure at Haverford.


Brendan smiles

On integrity

Someone that I admire at Haverford is Mrs. Cleffi. She is an incredibly outgoing individual, and she really puts forth a valiant effort to get to know all of her students on a personal level. Before class, we often talk about other classes I'm taking, the schools I'm looking at, or how my hobbies, such as sports and music, are going. Of course, Mrs. Cleffi expects a ton of effort on our part, and she always makes sure to keep us all on track of our work. Mrs. Cleffi is the perfect balance of a friendly, yet still strict teacher. 


Jack smiles

On dependability

I know I'm about to have a good day when we pull into school and the roads, the grass, the benches are all a little wet from the morning dew. The dappled light is filtering through onto the “preparing boys for life” flags as they flutter a little with the wind. I can smell the cookies being baked for lunch later in the day. Everyone is preparing for the day, students and teachers going to class, athletes coming back from morning workouts, and maintenance staff clearing the paths of non-existent leaves. These are the mornings that can only be followed by good days.

The tour guide captains gather together, smiling for the camera