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Apply to Haverford

We are happy to know your family is considering The Haverford School, a leader in educating boys since 1884. Choosing the right school for your son is important. We are committed to making the process pleasant and informative as you evaluate the best fit for your son and your family.

The admissions process begins when you complete an application, which will be followed by an on-campus visit for both the parents and the student. Follow the step-by-step guide below to get started.

You may check the status of your son's file at any time by contacting our office at 484-417-2762 or logging into your online account

The Haverford School for boys pre-kindergarten-12

Steps to Apply

Step 1: Submit an Application

Completing the application begins our formal dialogue to decide if Haverford is the right match for your son. You may apply online. The fee is $50, or $250 for international students.

If you desire information about tuition assistance, check the appropriate box on the application. Grants are awarded solely on the basis of a family’s financial need and subsequent to your son’s acceptance and enrollment.

Step 2: Visit Us

Once the application has been submitted, we will have a chance to meet you and your son. This gives your family a chance to become familiar with the people and programs that truly make Haverford exceptional.

Please call the Admissions Office at 484-417-2762 to arrange a visit. We look forward to meeting your family and learning about your son!

Pre-kindergarten & kindergarten:
Following the parent visit, Haverford will work with you to schedule your son's visit. His visit will be scheduled for a Saturday morning from 9-10:30 a.m., typically in December or January.

Grades 1-5:
Students applying to grade 1 may visit any day from 8:30-11:30 a.m., beginning in December.

Students applying to grades 2-5 will come to campus for a full-day visit from 8:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m., beginning in October. Reading, writing, and math evaluations will be administered.

Grades 6-8:
Students applying to grade 6 will visit campus from 8:30 a.m.-3:15 p.m. beginning in October. Reading, writing, and math evaluations will be administered.

Students applying to grades 7 and 8 will visit campus from 8:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. beginning in October. A writing evaluation will be administered.

Grades 9-12:
Students applying to grades 9-12 will visit campus from 8:30 a.m.-3:15 p.m., beginning in October. A writing evaluation will be administered.

Step 3: Schedule a Test

Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten: an assessment will be administered by one of our teachers during your son’s visit.

Grades 1-5: Haverford requires the WISC-V (Wechsler Intelligence Test), the results of which should be sent to Haverford by Jan. 15.

Grades 6-12: Haverford will accept either the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) or Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT).

Step 4: Submit Student Records

The Request for Student Records Form enables your son’s current school to release his records to Haverford. It will be sent directly to us by your son's current school, and will be kept confidential.

Step 5: Request Teacher Recommendations

Teacher recommendation forms should be provided to your son's current school no sooner than Nov. 15, and returned to The Haverford School by Jan. 15. All forms are confidential, and will be sent directly from the school to Haverford. For Grades 6-12, we require recommendations from your son's current English and math teachers.

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Grades 6-12 English >
Grades 6-12 Math >

Step 6: Apply for Tuition Assistance (optional)

Families interested in applying for financial aid should do so simultaneously with the school application process. Tuition & Value >

  • Students receive need-based aid: 32%
  • Tuition assistance budget: $7 million
  • Average grant: $22,500