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A view of campus showing Preparing boys for life since 1884 banner and tennis courts

Join our community, where boys from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade prepare to transform our world.

The Haverford School, situated on the Main Line in the suburbs of Philadelphia, has a history of excellence dating back to 1884. Here, boys develop character, intellect, and compassion. They learn about themselves and their communities, and explore the connections among them.

Here, boys thrive.

Our Team

Photo of Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management Donta Evans wearing a suit, sitting before a blue background
Donta Evans P'27

Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management



Photo of Courtney Sanchez, Associate Director of Admissions Lower School, wearing glasses in front of a grey background
Courtney Sanchez

Associate Director of Admissions, Lower School




Kyle Johnson-Hackett
Kyle Johnson-Hackett

Assistant Director of Admissions

610-642-3020, ext. 1435



Sean Kenney

Director of Tuition Assistance and Associate Director of Admissions

610-642-3020, ext. 1457



Robin Roach

Tuition Assistance Associate




Darlene Logan

Admissions Associate for Customer Experience Director of Parent Ambassador Program




Suzanne Tassoni

Admissions Office Manager




Sister Schools

Haverford benefits from a meaningful social, civic, and academic partnership with both of our sister schools, The Agnes Irwin School, and The Baldwin School.

Our boys collaborate and explore alongside their "sisters" at frequent joint events. These include art shows, theater performances, and global exchange programs. Dances, open mic nights, and shared traditions and service projects offer relaxed creative outlets. The co-ed Upper School Human Relationships course explores identity and gender issues, inviting students to appreciate new perspectives.

Haverford boys feel comfortable taking risks. They possess the enthusiasm to give an answer that may not be correct; the emotional intelligence to cry while reading a sad book; and the confidence to try new things. We develop deep connections with our boys, elevating the educational experience for us all.

Kate Thorburn, faculty

Within his first year at Haverford, our son began to explode with courage and confidence. He blossomed into a young man in front of our eyes, and acquired a newfound intellectual curiosity. College is a stepping stone to something much bigger for these boys because of what Haverford teaches them.  

Oray, parent of alumnus

Be Connected

To a community that cares

Haverford’s brotherhood is an authentic bond among a diverse group of classmates.

The School's shared virtues, etched in stone on the walkway next to the Quad, are the reason our community is so bonded. Twenty-four core virtues guide the boys here at School, at home, and in their lives beyond graduation. Programs in service learning, leadership, and global studies provide varied opportunities to practice the virtues. Challenges like the Lower School Walk for Water and the Middle School Rite of Passage promote personal development and friendship. Every experience at Haverford expands the boys' understanding of the School's 24 core virtues.

On our campus, kindergarten students read to their third grade buddies. Fifth grade banner boys model the School's core virtues for their younger peers. Middle School students learn to persevere through engaging in challenges together. Upper School students lead and listen to seminars on topics of honor and integrity. Stepping off the commencement stage, the boys join a wider brotherhood 5,000-alumni strong.

Our VI Formers (seniors) guide the Kindergarten class through the Walk of Virtues to mark the start of each new school year.

Here, boys stand by each other and learn from each other. They build a strong academic foundation, make lifelong friends, and learn to serve their community.

Be Supported

By experts in educating boys

Haverford’s relational teaching model creates connections that make boys feel safe. It helps them develop self-awareness, reflection, and resilience. The community supports each boy as he develops confidence and finds his identity. We are leaders on the topic of boys education: check out our Best for Boys speaker series where members of our community share guidance on how best to foster the social, emotional, and academic growth of boys.

We're also a founding member of the International Boys' Schools Coalition, a platform where we share our experiences in educating boys. Our knowledge of the following determines everything from our classroom architecture to what we teach and when:

  • Boys have a natural desire to move. Classroom movement exercises, flexible seating, and twice-daily recesses keep boys engaged and on-task.

  • Boys respond to clear expectations and positive reinforcement. When they know the guardrails, boys stay within them and rise to the occasion.

  • Boys learn best through sensory experiences. Lessons engage the mind, body, and heart as boys dive into immersive opportunities.

  • Boys thrive under a relational teaching method. Every boy is known, cared for, encouraged, and challenged by his teachers and mentors.

This teaching model helps boys realize their full potential—socially, morally, and intellectually.

Our Severinghaus Library keeps us informed about the latest research on educating boys. Check out what we're reading: 

Be Exceptional

In whatever path you choose

Our alumni prove that there are many ways to transform the world. Some went to the Broadway stage. Some became financial analysts. Others are conducting symphonies while still others became tech entrepreneurs.

Transforming the world is an open-ended challenge. Haverford students spend their time in School discovering their identity. They find their interests and their confidence. They build strong moral character and approach the world with excitement and dedication. When they're ready, a network of thousands of alumni, in every field imaginable, welcomes them to their future.

Haverford prepares students for a lifetime of success. Graduates attend elite colleges and universities, enter premier arts programs, and lead NCAA Division I programs. They know who they are. They know how to apply themselves. And they are ready to change the world.

Be a Ford

And prepare to transform the world