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The Haverford School Science Department

Freshmen learned about kinetic and potential energy, as well as impulse and momentum, while building 4-story paper roller coasters with the goal of maximizing ride time while ensuring thrills and a safe stop.
The Haverford School Science Department strives to produce graduates who demonstrate a well-developed scientific intellect. Crucial to this goal is the development of critical thinking and the ability to synthesize and analyze available information.

Possessing those tools, the boys can then apply their knowledge to the integration of concepts within the realm of science and across disciplines. We want the boys to understand that science is an active and ongoing process. We mold active learners who are capable of independent, cooperative, and collaborative work using the available technology and tools. We emphasize the students’ responsibilities as global citizens, including but not limited to the stewardship of their environment, ethical decision making, and possessing comprehensive historical perspective. We consistently model for and try to instill in the boys, personal qualities that will sustain open-mindedness, creativity, imagination, and curiosity. Through this process we hope to nurture and help the boys sustain the inherent awe, passion, and wonder that science can inspire.

critical thinking at The Haverford School

The role of critical thinking in the science curriculum was featured in a recent issue of Haverford School Today, the school magazine. Click to read the story >


  • Advanced Laboratory Research Cooperative
  • STEAM Day
  • Leading research equipment, including Benchtop Scanning Electron Microscope
  • Electives including Global Impacts of Infectious Disease

William Edward Gwinn '86 Memorial Lecture

Gwinn Science Lecture David Sternberg

The 2018 William Edward Gwinn '86 Memorial Lecture featured Dr. David Sternberg, Haverford School Class of 2008, a guidance and control systems engineer at NASA’s jet propulsion laboratory. Read more >

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