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Modern and Classical Languages

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Spanish II went on a field trip aimed at connecting with the Latino community within the city of Philadelphia.

The Modern and Classical Languages Department prepares boys for a future in the global community. In order to create the best language experience for our students, we seek to cultivate a program that incorporates the following interconnected principles:
  • Cultural understanding and empathy: The study of languages beyond English provides a unique opportunity to not only gain perspective on cultures separated from ours in space and time, but also better understand our own. Our culture-centered language curriculum, while maintaining rigorous linguistic standards, intentionally teaches our boys empathy and appreciation for diversity.
  • Language acquisition: Our program provides the opportunity for students to become proficient at reading, writing, speaking and listening in the respective languages. To achieve these proficiencies, we provide a learning environment that fosters intellectual risk-taking and problem-solving skills.
  • Incorporation of authentic experience: We put the study of language in context by incorporating meaningful, real life resources into the curriculum. We value experiences beyond our school walls, both in the local community and abroad, and strive to provide opportunities for our boys to travel.

critical thinking at The Haverford School

The role of critical thinking in the modern and classical language curriculum was featured in a recent issue of Haverford School Today, the school magazine. Click to read the story >


Montgomery County association of Foreign Language Oral Proficiency Contest

Top three finishes in Spanish for the past six years, including gold in 2018 and 2017

Top two finishes in Chinese in 2017, 2015, and 2014

National Latin Exam

Awards at all five levels

Philadelphia Classical Society Competitions

Best in Show

National Mythology Exam


The American Association of the Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese Oral Proficiency Expo



In the classroom

The Haverford School language class

Latin students researched curse tablets and wrote a Latin spell. Curse tablets were inscriptions, usually written on thin sheets of metal, and dropped into a hole or well. They are found at sites throughout the Roman Empire. 

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