Preparing Boys for Life

Award-winning writing

Forty-one Haverford School student writers earned 17 Gold Keys, 30 Silver Keys, and seven Honorable Mentions in the categories of Journalism, Personal Essay/Memoir, critical essay, and poetry.  Located at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education, the Philadelphia Writing Project judges The regional Scholastic Writing Award entries.

“The Haverford School’s English teachers want students to know they have ideas and words worth sharing,” said Tom Stambaugh ’90, chair of the English department. “Our Gold Key, Silver Key, and Honorable Mention recipients show evidence of that worth, and we hope they will go into the world confident in their ability to make ideas come to life through carefully crafted language.”


Five students earned national recognition for their work: Pearse Glavin received a National Gold Key for his piece titled “Glacier Strolls” in the Personal Essay and Memoir category. Ryan LaRocca, Steven Roccia, Noah Rubien, and Vincent Scauzzo were awarded National Silver Keys for their writing.

National Recognition:

Pearse Glavin, Personal Essay/Memoir "Glacier Strolls" (National Gold Key)

Ryan LaRocca, Personal Essay/Memoir "A Walk Down the Lane" (National Silver Key)

Steven Roccia, Personal Essay/Memoir "The Cost of Freedom" (National Silver Key) 

Noah Rubien, Personal Essay/Memoir "Have a Look Inside My Basement" (National Silver Key)

Vincent Scauzzo, Personal Essay/Memoir "Dr. Fenton's House" (National Silver Key)

Gold Key (Regional)

Chris Clark, Personal Essay/Memoir "Newly Educated

Alexander Greer, Personal Essay/Memoir "On the Futility of Cosmic Ambition

Medhanie Irgau, Personal Essay/Memoir "Race Through the Neighborhood

Medhanie Irgau, Personal Essay/Memoir "The City Above the Clouds

Ryan LaRocca, Journalism "Swimming and Diving look to spring back

Toby Ma, Poetry "Déjà Vu"

Toby Ma, Journalism "GOT final season disappoints"

Toby Ma, Journalism "Noah Rubien applies to art school

Toby Ma, Journalism "Standardized testing - the ACT is up

Jonny Sonnenfeld, Personal Essay/Memoir "In Pursuit of the Fox

Zachary Sumner, Personal Essay/Memoir "The Greatest Nation in the World

Jeffrey Yang, Journalism "Fords immigrants under the spotlight: Mr. Kan's citizenship odyssey

Silver Key (Regional)

Agustin Aliaga, Journalism "An Inside Look at Athletic Recruiting"

Sebastian Bilash, Personal Essay/Memoir "Open to the Open Road"

Evan Brabson, Personal Essay/Memoir "Don't Judge a Book by its Cover"

Connor Brala, Personal Essay/Memoir "A Drive Down a Country Road" 

Jingyuan Chen, Journalism "Inside the Middle School Construction Project" 

Jingyuan Chen, Journalism "What can the U.S. learn from Chinese censorship?" 

Daniel Chow, Personal Essay/Memoir "Notes for Success" 

Daniel Chow, Journalism "Basketball reflects on historic season"

Carson De Marco, Journalism "Wrongful Convictions: A Country's Stain" 

Koby Degenhardt, Personal Essay/Memoir "Dear Cousin"

Yan Graf, Personal Essay/Memoir "The Portal in the Plate"

Yan Graf, Journalism "Tensions flare in Condiment Smackdown" 

Ben Hokenson, Personal Essay/Memoir "The Whisper of Footsteps" 

Sawyer Hoyt, Personal Essay/Memoir "Preacher's Cave, Spanish Well, and Golf Carts"

Alexander Hubschmidt, Personal Essay/Memoir "Hunting for Nothing" 

Chris Hyland, Personal Essay/Memoir "Her Brown Eyes"

Jahmiel Jackson, Personal Essay/Memoir "Wounds for Justice"

Jackson LaRocca, Journalism "Water Polo Led by Junior Olympians

Ryan LaRocca, Journalism "Rise of the Jewish Student Union" 

Quinn Luong, Journalism "Teachers Prepare for Virtue Village"

Toby Ma, Personal Essay/Memoir "The Treehouse"

Nick Moncilovich, Personal Essay/Memoir "Scale" 

Nick Moncilovich, Personal Essay/Memoir "Utopia" 

Mitav Nayak, Journalism "Amid NBA Dreams, Brown remains humble"  

Mitav Nayak, Critical Essay "Society's Effect on a Relationship" 

Robert Parillo, Critical Essay "The Destructive Power of Discrimination" 

Sam Reisbord, Personal Essay/Memoir "Lockbox"

Noah Rubien, Poetry "Birds"

Aditya Sardesai, Personal Essay/Memoir "Biryani Needs Better Paint" 

Andrew Tornetta, Personal Essay/Memoir "Food Allergies" 

Honorable Mention (Regional)

M.J. Atkins, Critical Essay "Once a Tramp, Always Reponse" 

William Boyes, Personal Essay/Memoir "Alone in a Connected World"

Chris Hyland, Personal Essay/Memoir "Soma, Ceremonies, and Salvation"

Toby Ma, Poetry "Wilted Lily"

Carter McIntyre, Personal Essay/Memoir "Kindergarten Troubles" 

Yeshwin Sankuratri, Personal Essay/Memoir "Ponds"

Cole Stecker, Personal Essay/Memoir "Silence of Solitude"