Preparing Boys for Life

Commencement 2018

Pre-Commencement Traditions

On June 8, Haverford conducted its 134th Commencement ceremony and graduated 102 members of the Class of 2018.

They are scholars, artists, athletes, and most of all, they are men of character who have worked hard to live up to the standards set by generations of Haverford men before them.

The Commencement speaker was retired U.S. Army Brigadier General Kimberly C. Field. The community also heard from Headmaster John Nagl, Board Chairman Bill Yoh '89, and Student Body President Robb Soslow.

The Haverford School graduation speaker

Service is the greatest privilege in life

Kimberly C. Field, retired U.S. Army brigadier general
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"Service takes many forms. Those Somali clan elders are still – to this day – trying hard to meet the needs of their families. The cashier at Giant supermarket – perhaps a single mom working 2 jobs – who is steadfastly cheerful and patient in the face of her customers’ impatience and her own hardships, is serving. So where is the privilege beyond the obligation to just be nice?

"It is this: those of us who are offered the opportunity to achieve our potential and earn the trust and admiration of our fellow man – and most importantly, are rightfully pleased with the man in the mirror – are privileged. Those of us who can relatively easily do as Aristotle suggests when he answered the question, “what is the essence of life?” with “to serve others and to do good,” are just plain lucky. You have extraordinary opportunity to do that on a scale the cashier and the Somali elder cannot. What a privilege." 

The Haverford School graduation

Board Chairman William C. Yoh '89
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"The academic training your boys have received, the life skills they have developed, and the
incredible network they now join, have put them on a pathway to success, and to a life of
serving others, the likes of which very few young people have. The value you parents receive –
your return on your enormous investment – doesn’t end today. It starts. And it will reward you
and your families for the rest of your lives.

"Thank you for honoring the commitment – with your sons, with the faculty and staff, and with
each other – to embrace our Principles of Community … and for providing an environment that
has allowed these young men to grow, to make good decisions, and to support each other in
positive, health-conscious ways. You have been the principal difference makers in their lives. I
hope each of you knows that and feels proud."

The Haverford School for boys

Student Body President Robb Soslow
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"All men must fail, but Haverford men do not give up. We are to become the men in the arena, we are to strive valiantly, and if we are to fail, we are to fail while daring greatly.

"And what is not mentioned in that brilliant Theodore Roosevelt speech is that there is more than the man in the arena and the critic. For every man in the arena, there was the person who taught that man how to fight. For every thing I learned about music, Hightower taught me more about how to live. For every paper Keefe squiggled on, he taught me more about how to love. Thank you, faculty, for without you we would have never learned how to fight."