Preparing Boys for Life

Beyond the Classroom

The Haverford School empowers students to take ownership of their community by using their interests, talents and skills to shape and implement extra-curricular offerings.

We offer a rich selection of student-centered extra-curricular programs that encourage students to take active leadership roles in organizing community programming and administering a variety of clubs and organizations.

Student Leadership

Haverford has numerous opportunities that allow students to develop leadership capacity. The Honor Council affords students the opportunity to take ownership of the School’s disciplinary process and develop education initiatives that inform the community about pertinent honor related issues. The Character Mentorship Program is a group devoted to building relationships with younger students and facilitating the personal reflection of students who break the Honor Code.

A group of sixth form leaders, The Signet Society, organizes school-wide community gatherings, spirit days and orientation programming for third form students. Student Council is an active group that plans social events and addresses important student life issues. A group of fifth and sixth formers are leaders of Peer Counseling, a group devoted to discussing social-emotional issues and developing basic counseling techniques that provide resources for students in navigating peer relationships.

Community Programming

In order to cultivate a strong sense of connection among students there is time built into each day to gather and build community spirit. Depending on the day of the week these gatherings may include the entire upper school or may be smaller meetings of forms, advisories or clubs. The division-wide gatherings typically consist of a student or faculty reflection, outside speaker, community service presentation or school spirit related activity.

Smaller form meetings are a time for students to build relationships with members of their grade by discussing pertinent community issues and participating in other activities that build a sense of inclusion and attachment. Lead by a faculty member, the advisory period is a more intimate time for students to meet in mixed grade groups of 7-10 students. In addition to advisory being an informal period of time to gather for fun and fellowship, the faculty advisor also provides academic and non-academic guidance designed to support a student’s overall experience at Haverford.

Accolades & Rankings

The Index (student newspaper)
  • 2019 and 2018 silver medal, Columbia Scholastic Press Association
  • 2013 gold medal, Columbia Scholastic Press Association
Pegasus (student literary magazine)
  • 2017, 2016, and 2015 gold medal, Columbia Scholastic Press Association
  • 2014 and 2013 silver medal, Columbia Scholastic Press Association
  • Harvard University Soft Robotics Design and Research Competition Winners, 2017-18
  • World Division Champions, 2016-17
  • VEX Robotics state champions, 2014-17

The Haverford School Beyond the Classroom Chess

Student Organizations

  • Academic Team/Quiz Bowl
  • Astronomy Club
  • Athletes Helping Athletes
  • Black Student Union
  • Business Club
  • Ceramics Club
  • Chess Club
  • Chinese Club
  • Creative Writing Club
  • Debate Team
  • Diplomacy Society
  • Diversity Alliance
  • Economics Club
  • Fantasy Football Club
  • Film Club
  • Gender Club
  • Haligoluk (yearbook)
  • Improv Club
  • I'm Not Kidding Club
  • The Index (school newspaper)
  • Mock Trial
  • Model UN
  • Paddle Tennis Club
  • Pegasus (literary magazine)
  • Philosophy Club
  • Photography Club
  • Ping-Pong Club
  • Poetry Club
  • Robotics
  • Software Club
  • Stage Crew
  • Student Technology Advisory Group (STAG)
  • Sustainability Alliance
  • TED Club
  • Video Game Club