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Enrichment & Learning Center

The Haverford School Enrichment & Learning Center (ELC) provides resources and support systems to help students succeed.

About 30% of students use the ELC at some time during their academic careers at Haverford. The rigorous academic environment, along with the expectation of involvement in extra-curriculars can lead students to feel overwhelmed. The ELC is a place where students can turn when they need guidance on time management, organization, test preparation, test anxiety, and more.

The ELC office is here to:
  • Assist new students in making the transition to Haverford
  • Help students develop positive academic skills
  • Provide Academic Coaching
  • Provide resources for families in need of information on learning disabilities
Academic Coaching

The specialists in the ELC are available to help students improve academically by:

  • Helping students determine their strengths and areas for improvement
  • Developing customized learning plans for each student to address his specific challenges
  • Providing resources and guidance for effective writing
  • Advising students on how to work with subject area teachers to develop goals and plans for academic success
  • Strategizing with students to overcome obstacles
Services for Students with Disabilities

The Haverford School is committed to providing reasonable and adequate accommodations to students who have disabilities. In addition to offering guidance to students about requirements and accommodations, our ELC specialists work with students to develop self-advocacy skills and develop strategies for academic success. They can also help families to navigate the process of determining if a learning disability could be a factor in a student’s academic challenges.

Did You Know?

  • All teachers are in their classrooms by 8 a.m. to help students.
  • The ELC is equipped with a quiet room called "The Tank," a large whiteboard, and other learning spaces for students to use at any time during the school day.
  • Students can schedule standing appointments during their free blocks, before school, or after school. Students are also welcome to use the ELC space to complete work individually or in small groups.