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Counseling Services

Counseling Services staff strives to enhance the well being of students through facilitating their emotional, interpersonal, and intellectual development. The staff provides emotional support, impart life skills, and encourage self-reflection all with the purpose of empowering students to navigate their way toward greater autonomy and effectiveness.

The counseling staff provides free counseling to students that would like to discuss any personal/psychological concerns with a professional counselor. Issues addressed by the Center range from interpersonal issues, family concerns and academic difficulties to problems such as anxiety, depression and addictions. The Counseling Center will also assist with referrals for students seeking services beyond the scope of on-campus resources.

School Counselors Janet Heed and Joy Barrett are available to the Haverford School community on a daily basis. Mrs. Heed works with Upper School students, while Mrs. Barrett works with Lower and Middle School students to address any issues in school or at home. They work with a number of boys and families on a range of issues including: conflict resolution, expression of feelings, building coping skills, social skills, anger management, in addition to other social, emotional, or behavioral issues.

Peer Counseling

Twice monthly, juniors and seniors meet in Haverford's signature Peer Counseling program to practice deep listening and co-counseling. Our boys come to understand that they are not alone, that they are buoyed by caring friendships with their classmates, and that everyone – regardless of race, class, or achievement, carries burdens. Ultimately, this deep sense of empathetic connection they build with their brothers helps ensure their resiliency.

Peer counseling has afforded me the opportunity to open up to people and learn more about the boys who I'm lucky enough to call my schoolmates. There, in that room, an unbreakable is bond established. A brotherhood is formed that permeates the walls and puts a smile on my face for the entirety of the two weeks between sessions. Peer counseling is a big part of the reason I know who I am and love who I am.

Counseling Services The Haverford School


Janet Heed
Upper School Counselor
610-642-3020, x1296

Joy Barrett
Lower/Middle School Counselor
610-642-3020, x1221