Preparing Boys for Life.

Student Support & Services

Balancing the demands of a Haverford School education can be challenging. We understand the Demands that our boys face and as a result provide resources and a support system to help students to succeed.

Our Student Support program is divided into three areas of expertise:

These three areas coordinate their efforts on a regular basis to support students as they strive to reach their full potential as Haverford School students.

Parents and students should always feel welcome to approach any member of the Haverford School Student Support staff if they need more information or assistance with issues they face in their academic or home life.

The Haverford School Support Services


The libraries at Haverford aim to provide students and teachers with a rich variety of resources and materials they need to discover their passions, reinforce their knowledge, and invent a new way of looking at the world.

The libraries provide the following resources:

  • 36,000+ books, audiobooks, and multimedia volumes
  • 50 computers
  • 12 databases
  • Digital cameras, iPads, and voice recorders

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Technology plays a critical role in 21st century learning. Our Informational and Instructional Technology Department equips the Haverford community with current, high quality, and secure technology-based services.

We seek to provide a learning environment that:

  • enhances the classroom experience,
  • improves educational outcomes, and
  • stimulates the growing connection between technology and learning.

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