Preparing Boys for Life

Sixth Grade

As boys begin their three-year journey through middle school, we create experiences that focus on the immediate needs of boys to help to prepare them for life.

In addition to our outstanding liberal arts program, we emphasize and teach lessons in leadership, character, organization, public speaking, and appropriate moral and social development.

Athletics start in sixth grade as a part of our daily schedule and boys are required to participate in one of the six sports offered each season. There is a special emphasis on organization, social responsibility, and public speaking in the first year of middle school.

6th grade middle school hawk mountain

Haverford Highlight: Hawk Mountain

Since 2001, the annual sixth grade trip to Hawk Mountain has provided not just an opportunity for our boys to observe migrating raptors, but for them to build relationships and test themselves physically during the five-mile hike. The experience brings the boys' study of the environment into focus, and fosters significant cooperation amongst the advisory groups.