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Middle school is a time of transition for boys. They come to us as little men, fascinated with a new building, new teachers, new dining options and team sports. During this time, our boys are blessed with the opportunities to take risks, fail, and succeed all while learning about who they are, where they fit in their world, and how they will create their legacy. They leave us in three short years, thoroughly prepared to meet the challenges of high school. However, this is just part of what makes our middle school so special.

The growth of the middle school boy is amazing. During their time with us they will undergo the second greatest developmental change in their life next to infancy. Some will manage this process seamlessly while others will discover potholes and pitfalls as they look for answers to questions that lack clear comprehension. Our grade-level teams meet weekly and create systematic plans for each student to support their interests and current progress. Those who need direction will find teachers available for extra help, advisors who encourage and support their efforts, counselors who listen and our Learning Center staff who direct and steer the boys to understand who they are and how to manage all the balls they juggle in life.

Having graduated from Haverford in 1983 and began teaching at the School in 1988, I am proud of the School's continued evolution to completely meet the needs of boys. Our middle school team continues to build the legacy of a safe, welcoming, and warm environment for each and every boy who enters our Middle School. Our faculty is constantly focused on meeting the developmental needs of the middle school boy. Our methods and practice are research-based to ensure each student is nurtured and supported, challenged and stretched to reach beyond expectations, and excel.

Building appropriate relationships with our students is what helps to make all this happen. As our boys walk the halls from early mornings until late afternoons, they are greeted with warm welcomes and smiles. Here at Haverford, everybody knows your name. It is part of who we are and defines our core values of honesty, respect and courage. We care about the boys from start to finish. We make sure they are safe in our space both physically and mentally. Haverford is their home away from home where boys find learning as well as love in everything we do.

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Head of Middle School Jay Greytok

Dr. Jay Greytok '83
Head of Middle School


B.S., Syracuse University

M.A., Educational Leadership, University of Pennsylvania

MBA, Saint Joseph's University

Ed.D., Saint Joseph's University