Preparing Boys for Life.

Middle School

In the Middle School, we encourage, support, and prepare students as they develop into young men through an enriching curriculum that is tailored to meet the needs of adolescent boys. We teach boys to learn through motivation, curiosity, passion, discipline, and from their own mistakes in order to find success as they mature.

The Haverford School Middle School Flatworm
Sixth-grade art students engineer and design "amazing mazes."

Boys learn differently, and an all-boys environment can produce extraordinary academic, artistic, and athletic outcomes. The Middle School strives to see and meet the needs of adolescent boys by teaching organization, responsibility, and accountability. The middle school boy is a challenge. His relationships develop and shift frequently, and his enthusiasm for learning often needs direction. We believe strong relationships with boys will nurture and support their efforts. We make every effort to encourage them in the classroom and beyond using humor, focus, and professional guidance. We understand the requirements of teaching boys and we create a best-for-boys environment where each boy has the opportunity to fit in and flourish.
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