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Middle School

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Two middle school students practice physics

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Our Program

A sixth grader with a clipboard kneels next to a tree to observe invasive lantern flies
Sixth Grade

In addition to our outstanding liberal arts program, the sixth grade curriculum emphasizes leadership, character, organization, public speaking, and appropriate moral and social development.

Athletics become part of the boys' daily schedule in sixth grade.

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The Haverford School seventh grade Program for boys on the Main Line, in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA
Form I

Lessons in Form I (seventh grade) extend beyond the classroom to include understanding identity and finding an interest. Form I students learn by doing.

Form I includes off-campus trips that explore themes of teamwork, goal setting, decision-making, risk-taking, and courage. During Form I, students find their voices and listen to each other. We teach them English, math, history, science, and languages, along with lessons in thoughtfulness, kindness, and life preparation. We help them find out who they are and where they fit in their world. 

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Eighth grade students completing the Rite of Passage run into the crowd cheering for them on campus
Form II

Form II (eighth grade) students model academic excellence, sportsmanship, and respect.
They are young men, and after two full years in our Middle School, they know the culture, the tone, and the honor code.  They are prepared to learn, lead, and listen as they leave us and enter the Upper School.

At the end of their Form II year, the boys take part in the Rite of Passage, a walk from Camden, N.J. back to an excited crowd waiting for them on campus. During their walk, they practice the virtues that will lead to their success in the Upper School.

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A student drafts a paper using colored pencils

English courses build students' skills of reading, writing, and public speaking. Boys learn to make meaningful connections between the texts they read and the world around them.

Health and Physical Education

Students learn tightrope walking during excursion days

Health and physical education courses promote physical fitness and overall well being. These courses build both athleticism and good decision-making skills.  


Middle School students draft suffragette histograms

Our history courses inspire the boys' interest in the past and its influence on the present, first with an exploration of American history and then with the study of world cultures.


Students counting beans

Middle School mathematics courses build the skills necessary for all students to complete Algebra I and II by the end of Form II. 

Modern and Classical Languages

Students learn about natural disasters to report on in different languages

Along with studying their choice of the Latin, Spanish, and Chinese languages, Middle School boys engage with the cultures that formed these languages.


Student singing during the Middle School concert

Haverford music classes engage student creativity: by Form II, the boys are ready to compose and perform their own original songs.


Students laugh in amazement over a bubbling beaker

Middle School science courses build the skills and knowledge to prepare the boys for full engagement in Haverford's rigorous Upper School science courses.


Morticia and Gomez Addams dance

Middle School theater classes and projects build confidence, improve public speaking skills, nurture creativity, and promote compassion.

Visual Arts

Doah Lee teaches middle schoolers about the color wheel

In visual art classes, Middle School boys learn to communicate through drawing, sculpture, pottery, photography, video production, and more.

Day in the Life

Sam, a Middle School student, describes how The Haverford School is preparing him for life.

Middle School students describe what it takes to be a great man.

Meet the Head of Middle School

Dr. Jay Greytok

Head of Middle School Jay Greytok

Dr. Greytok graduated from Haverford in 1983 and began teaching at the School in 1988. He holds a B.S. from Syracuse University, an M.A. in Educational Leadership from the University of Pennsylvania, and both an MBA and an Ed.D from Saint Joseph's University. He is a leading expert on boys education, with an emphasis on the Middle School boy's experience. 

Our Middle School boys are blessed with the opportunities to take risks, fail, and succeed all while learning about who they are, where they fit in their world, and how they will create their legacy. They leave us in three short years, thoroughly prepared to meet the challenges of high school.

Program Spotlight

3 artistic disciplines all MS boys explore every year
II Form—grade all students complete algebra
3 seasons of athletics in which all MS boys participate
100% participation in service projects
I Form is when boys choose to study Chinese, Latin, or Spanish