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Why Structured Literacy?

The Lower School Superkids literacy program, introduced this year by Head of Lower School Dr. Pam Greenblatt, is tailored to the needs of students in the foundational pre-kindergarten through second grade years. Superkids is considered a structured literacy program and differs from the balanced literacy approach used by many schools.

As a faculty, we are implementing research-based practices that align with what 20 years of research tells us about how the brain learns to read. One of the first steps in learning to read is tuning into the sounds in our language, so we instruct students how to differentiate sounds in a word.

Dr. Pam Greenblatt

Superkids lessons integrate all aspects of language arts: oral language, auditory processing, phonemic awareness skills, letter naming, decoding, reading fluency, vocabulary development, encoding, writing mechanics, and the writing process.

Click here to read more about a sample lesson, or watch the video below.

Philadelphia Inquirer: Dr. Pam Greenblatt and Ms. Pugliese

"We have not done enough to educate our teachers, school leaders, and policymakers about what it actually takes for a child to learn to read. Our youngest readers — in pre-kindergarten through second grade — need reading instruction rooted in science to build a foundation. By the time students leave third grade they are no longer learning to read, but reading to learn. If they do not have the basic skills to break the code, they will struggle to acquire vocabulary and background knowledge from text, and to comprehend more complex text and ideas."

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