Preparing Boys for Life

Third Grade

students performing mummification

Third-graders' study of ancient Egypt includes performing a skit about mummification. Learn more >

Curriculum overview

Third grade boys become independent readers, writers, and researchers. They are self-directed and adept at problem solving. They learn what it's like to be a boy in early America, Ancient Egypt, and modern China. They research famous women, write a report, and present their findings to their mothers during a special mother-son event. In the spring, boys are immersed in the study of modern day China, including the use of Chinese language.

Boys spend nearly half of the school day in literacy and math instruction, and explore science, art, music, and physical education with specialist teachers. Technology is integrated daily through the use of Chromebooks.

teacher in a guided reading group with boys

In Guided Reading, boys are reading detectives and use their language arts tools to solve the mystery.

Areas of study

third grade boys working with charcoal

In art, students learn concepts of light and shadow using charcoal and erasers.

What has stood out to me most this year is our son's transition to academic autonomy. His early education at Haverford provided a solid foundation in reading, math, and writing, as well as guardrails and support to help him grow to meet the increasing academic rigor. I entered Haverford as a middle school student and didn't have the framework that others had when it came to things like time management and self-reliance. Starting my son in the Lower School gives him this opportunity and also prepares him for the future demands of middle school, high school, and beyond. We're certain that he will have a strong academic path, a knowledge of his own interests and talents, and, perhaps most importantly, relationships with classmates and teachers that will last a lifetime – just as they have for me. Bart Smith '95, parent